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Thu Nov 27, 2003 3pm - 5pm 
Lamb of GodThe Subtle Arts of Murder AnNew American Gospel / Metal Blade
The Black Dahlia MurderContagionUnhallowed / Metal Blade
Callenish CircleMy Hate UnfoldsMy Passion//Your Pain / Metal Blade
Superjoint RitualThe Knife Rises
A Lethal Dose of American Hatr / Sanctuary Records Inc.
DownNew Orleans Is a Dying WhoreIi / Elektra Records (Metal)
Inferno / Koch Records
Metal ChurchInto DustMasterpeace / Nuclear Blast America
MegadethWake Up DeadPeace Sells... But Who's Buying? / Capitol Records
Place of SkullsThe FallNailed / Southern Lord Recordings
EnslavedAs Fire Swept Clean the EarthBelow the Lights / The End Records
Dimmu BorgirProgenies of the Great Apoca
Death Cult Armageddon / Nuclear Blast
Burnt By the SunSpinner Dunn
Perfect Is the Enemy of Th, th / Relapse Records
Children of BodomSixpounder
Hate Crew Deathroll / Century Media
Misery IndexThe Lies that Bind
Retaliate / Nuclear Blast
KrisiunScourged Centuries
Works of Carnage / Century Media
DewscentedNew Found PainImpact / Nuclear Blast
Jag PanzerLicensed to KillDecade of the Nail-Spiked Bat / Century Media
SavatageJesus SavesStreets / SPV
Prey on Life / Relapse Records
Synergy / Century Media
AkercockeLeviathanChoronzon / Earache
the CrownAre You MorbidPossessed 13 / Metal Blade
SamaelFlagellationCeremony of Opposites / Century Media
GrimfistLesser of Two Evils
Ghouls of Grandeur / Candlelight Records
WehrwolfeThe Trinity Undone
Godless We Stand / Magick Records
Napalm DeathMalicious IntentHarmony Corruption / Earache