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Wed Dec 31, 2003 9am - noon 
Holly GolightlyAll Around the Houses
Truly She Is None Other / Damaged Goods
April MarchSomewhere Up AboveTriggers / Pias America
Natalie MerchantSally AnnHouse Carpenter's Daughter / Myth America Records
Jorma KaukonenGenesis
Quah / Bmg Music/Rca Records
Anny CelsiAll I'm Gonna SayLittle Black Dress & Other Sto / Ragazza Music
FlowchartRainbow Hello
Little Darla Has a Tre / Darla Records
the QuailsPitch Memory
Song Is Love, the / Mr Lady Records & Videos
Us MapleMy Lil Shocker
Purple on Time. / Drag City
TyradesMessage From the Operator
Tyrades / Broken Rekids
Glass CandyEmpty V
Love Love Love / Troubleman Unlimited
I Am SpoonbenderI Went and Had My Knifes
Show Actual Size / Gold Standard Laboratorie
Mr. DibbsRedout Brick Hemmorage 3.5
30TH Song, the / Rhymesayers Ent
Cat FiveAmerican Military OperationsAmerican Military Operations / <No Label Info>
Dj Jestertrack oneHeavily Booted / Exponential
Odd Nosdam/
No More Wig for Ohio / Anticon
ElixirDont Be ScaredDont Be Scared / Quartermass
PestDuke Kerb Crawler
Necessary Measures / Ninja Tune
Shake Hands with Danger / File 13
Count Bass DViolatin' RemixOn the Reels / Spongebath Records
HecateRipe Mango
Ye Olde Barn / Addict Records
Lightning BoltAssassinsWonderful Rainbow / Load Records
Daughters!And Then the C.H.U.D.S Came
Canada Songs / Robotic Empire
Airs Above Your Station / Sub Pop Records
My Bloody ValentineSometimes
Lost in Translation / Emperor Norton
Sonic YouthSuperstarIf I Were a Carpenter / A&M Records (Metal)
the DelgadosAll You Need Is Hate
Hate / Mantra/Beggers Banquet
the Monolith43
Here Comes the Monolith / Independent
Adam GreenDance with Me
Garfield / Rough Trade
the Kirby GripsGerman Shimmy
Rotations / Sympathy for the Record I
the SoviettesMatt's SongLp / Adeline Records
Parts and LaborParts & Labor
Groundswell / Jmz Records
Crime in ChoirIn Search of Plunder
Hoop, the / Frenetic Records
the Evolution Control CommittNo Time for Yes
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
Count Bass DAntemeridianDwight Spitz / High Times
Chris ClarkSlowspinesEmpty the Bones of You / Warp Records
Ape Has Killed ApeReturn to Canebinol Island
Acid Reflux / True Classical Cds
Elvish PresleyCreation StoryBlack Elf Speaks / Bulb Records