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Thu Jan 15, 2004 7pm - 9pm 
CoilBlue ChasmsLive One / World Serpent Dist.
Current 93SaltLasHtal / L.A.Y.L.A.H.
Current 93CaresseLasHtal / L..A.Y.L.A.H.
Neurosis & JarboeEraseNeurosis & Jarboe / Neurot Recordings
BurmeseBroken Legs, Broken Face, Bl
Amere Shadow and Reminiscence / Tumult
400 BlowsThe Kids Are not at Home
Black Rainbow / Rehash Records
the Spam AvengerFrankunstineDance Remix 2003 / One Man's Media
Wwiii / Sanctuary Records
BrainbombsStreet CleanerStigma of the Ripper / Tumult
HellaBetter Grab a Broom!
Hella/Dilute / Sick Room Records, Ltd.
the Wierdo'sDestroy All MusicWe Got the Neutron Bomb / Frontier
Cannibal CorpseI Cum BloodTomb of the Mutilated / Metal Blade
the CrownDeliverancePossessed 13 / Metal Blade
My Dying BrideI Am the Bloody EarthTrinity / Mechanic/Futurist Records
Lustmord (soundtrack)Cellular Blur
Zoetrope Ost / Nextera
Rebel PowersWe Are for the Dark
Not One Star Will Stand the Ni / Strange Attractors Audio
Deutsch NepalAngel ImpactBenevolence / Cold Meat Industry
DeceasedA Very Familiar StrangerSupernatural Addiction / Relapse Records
DisruptFaction DisasterUnrest / (Unknown)