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Wed Jan 21, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
Music Media for EducationJohn Kerry
Democratic Primary 2004 / <No Label Info>
Ralph NaderQ&A Men on MarsSpeech to Stanford campaign 2000 / KZSU Broadcast
Music Media for EducationHoward Dean
Democratic Primary 2004 / <No Label Info>
Ralph NaderQ&A Israeli agressionSpeech to Stanford campaign 2000 / KZSU Broadcast
the Blithe SonsThe Book of Names
We Walk the Young Earth / Family Vineyard
People Like Us & Kenny GNothing
Nothing Special / Mess Media
the Neal Pollack InvasionConey Island
Never Mind the Pollacks / The Telegraph Company
Manic HispanicGod Save the Queen
Wasted / Byo Records
BunnybrainsPosterboy Gravesite-Eg the PoetBunnybrains / Matador
NirvanaLove BuzzOut of the Blue (bootleg) / Octopus
Wesley Willis & the DragnewsMy Mother Smokes Crack Rock
Greatest Hits / Alternative Tentacles
Kitty MuffinsGrandma Sells My Panties on E-BayKitten on the Keys / Kittykeys
Rebel PowersWe Are for the Dark
Not One Star Will Stand the Ni / Strange Attractors Audio
Neil HamburgerDivorceAmerica's Funnyman / Drag City
Shooby TaylorLift Every Voice and SingHuman Horn, the / (Unknown)
the BledGet Up You Song of a B****,
Pass the Flask / Fiddler Records
Morbid AngelCleansed in Pestilence (Blad
Heretic / Earache
Lambhouse the Collection 1991- / Relapse Records
SwansHalf LifeCop / K.422
MammalDouble Nature
Double Nature / Snse
Aaron Funk & Rachel KozakPervsNymphomatriarch / Hymen
Claro IntelectoDeleteNew Town / Ai Records
Martin RevPlaces I Go
To Live / File 13
Kammerflimmer Kollektief...Den Nacht Ist Jetzt Schon
Cicadidae / Temporary Residence
Shark PantsWatergun
Porno Snakehead / Recess Records
the MummiesYou Must Fight to Live
Death By Unga Bunga / Estrus Records
the DishesAction Woman
3 / File 13
the Black-Eyed SnakesGood Woman Blues
Rise Up! / Chairkicker's Music
My RuinMade to Measure (Radio Edit)
Shape of Things to Come..., th / Century Media
SolgerDead Solger
Codex 1980 / Empty Records
the Wierdo'sWe Got the Nuetron BombWe Got the Neutron Bomb / Frontier
Giant HaystacksThe Occupation
Patriotism in Action / Independent
the Flying LuttenbachersThrumm'd Hte (For M)
Systems Emerge From Complete / Troubleman Unlimited
DiluteBalloon Song
Hella/Dilute / Sick Room Records, Ltd.
VikiNo DateViki/Hair Police / Load Records
the FauxAnonymous Id
Faux, the / Tarantulas
QuintronCave Formation
Are You Ready for An Organ Sol / Rhinestone Records
the Electronic TomatoWarp Warp
Shado Electro / S.H.A.D.O Records
Lavender Jane
Giant ValueIn the Trees
In the Trees / Super Low Fidelity
Plan to PinkWinner at Macy's
Debutante Ball / Extra Small Records
W.A.C.O.The Fish of MelroseFinnegan's W.A.C.O. / True Classical Cds
OrangeThe Cosmic Triptych
Carnival and Cosmos / Snowdonia Dischi
Jeffery LewisPart-Time Punks
Stop Me If You Think Y / Rough Trade
Araci CortesQuero Sossego
Hot Women / Kein & Aber Records
Robert WyattFol De Rol
Solar Flares Burn for You / Cuneiform Records
David BowieSee Emily PlayPinups / RCA
Daniele SepeIl Lupo E L'agnello
Anime Candide / Dunya
BlurtSpill The BeansThe Ruminant Plinth (45 12") /