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Thu Mar 04, 2004 9pm - midnight 
Tyondai/Parts Braxton & LaborDont Just Fucking Stand Ther
Rise, Rise, Rise / Narnack Records
Young Sexy AssassinsSensation of the Horse
May Day in the Garden of Memor / Mister Records
Crack We Are RockBlack Horse Rise
Cosmic Mind Flight / Tigerbeat 6
Jonathan HeathcoteSure Juror
Say Nothing to no One / Soundless Records
Ardchild'com.Undo / Sonig
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
Immortal TechniqueFreedom of SpeechRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Greg PalastFatherland Security and Fbi
Weapon of Mass Instruction / Alternative Tentacles
Charizma & Peanut Butter WolfMethodsBig Shots / Stones Throw
SatanicpornocultshopPiggy Back
Anorexia Gas Balloon / Sonore
Fred AvrilDouble Mind
Fred Avril / F Communications
the Planet TheBody Youth Lip
Physical Angel / 54 Degrees 40' or Fight!
Introducing Lemon / Skin Graft Records
Cheer-AccidentTrack 29
Introducing Lemon / Skin Graft Records
HattattackArt Kid
Heart Kid / Quellus Music
Young PeopleDutch Oven
War Prayers / Dim Mak
Idiot FleshTwitchFancy / Rock Against Rock
Glenn BrancaLession NO.1
New York Noise / Soul Jazz Records
the Hidden CamerasDunes
Stop Me If You Think Y / Rough Trade
Her Space HolidayTech Romance
Young Machines, the / Mush Records
Eleni MandellDetour Ahead
Maybe, Yes / Heart of a Champion
Betty LaVetteDo Your Duty7" single / Silver Fox
Erma FranklinBig Boss Man7" single / Shout
Aretha FranklinNight LifeThe Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues / Rhino
20 MilesDrown the Whole World
Life Doesn't Rhyme / Fat Possum Records
Sun Kill MoonSalvador Sanchez
Ghosts of the Great Highway / Jetset Records