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Tue Mar 09, 2004 8pm - 10pm 
Sun Kill MoonGlenn Tipton
Ghosts of the Great Highway / Jetset Records
Henry KaiserThe Devil's Dance
Playola / Independent
Jason WebleyMusic That Tears Itself ApartViaje / Jason Webley
the Fiery FurnacesLeaky Tunnel
Gallowsbird's Bark / Rough Trade Records
LungfishThis WorldLove Is Love / Dischord
Against Me!Turn Those Clapping Hands into Angry Balled FistsAs the Eternal Cowboy / Fat
MekonsDan DarePunk Rock / Quarterstick Records
MarsHelen Fordsdale
New York Noise / Soul Jazz Records
Metal UrbainColt 45
Anarchy in Paris / Carpark Records
Giant HaystacksSong for Ross
Patriotism in Action / Independent
Thyra Hilden BandEvindelig Kvindelig
Toxic Girls! - Nightwa / Tsunami-Addiction
Erase ErrataLets Be Active
Frisco Styles / Now Rainbow Records
FugaziFurnitureFurniture EP / Dischord
WireIn the Art of StoppingSend / PinkFlag
ScreamFight/American JusticeStill Screaming/This Side Up / Dischord
AvskumFight Back Capitalism
Punkista / Prank
DisgustDust to DustThe Horror of it All... / Crimes Against Humanity
Crucial UnitThrashin' is Our Business is Mediocre at BestEverything Went Strunk / De La Mente
Circle Takes the Squaretrack 4s/t / Robotic Empire
Le ScrawlUntitled [demo]Too Short to Ignore / Life is Abuse/RSR
MalefactionA Cold Ward for a Cold World
Where there Is Power there Is / G7 Welcoming Committee
HimsaA Girl in Glass
Courting Tragedy and Disaster / Prosthetic Records
God ForbidLiving Nightmare
Gone Forever / Century Media
Burnt by the SunBuffyBurnt by the Sun / Relapse
Morser10,000 Bad Guys Dead10,000 Bad Guys Dead / Chrome Saint Magnus
TararuA Truly Clearchannel
A Light in the Attic / None
KylesaA 100 Degree Heat Index
No Ending / Prank
Australasia / Hydra Head
NeurosisLostOfficial BOOTLEG.02.STOCKHOLM / Neurot Recordings
Trad Gras Och StenarSanningens Silverflod
Djungelns Lag / 1/2 Special
Ardchild'com.Undo / Sonig