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Thu Jun 09, 2022 9pm - 10pm 
Cap'n JazzOh Messy LifeShmap'n Shmazz / Man with Gun
the CosmosRamos
Sort Of, not Really / None
Terry MaltsI Do
Killing Time / Slumberland Records
neutralsBus Stop NightsBus Stop Nights E.P. / Static Shock
CloakroomA Force At Play
Dissolution Wave / Relapse Records
BODY DOUBLEEmbrace The BombMilk Fed / Zum

Warning LightEvening DecksInner Spaces / Stickfigure
Jihad the Roughneck MCLegit SpitSimon Bar Sinister EP / unknown
HorsefaceNakutusSanakirjanTakana / Kopotikop, Joteskii groteskii and Sing a Song Fighter
Sudan ArchivesSelfish SoulSelfish Soul / Stones Throw
Melody’s Echo ChamberPyramids in the Clouds
Emotional Eternal / Domino Records
Juanita EukaBaño de OroMabanzo / Strut

MogwaiTo The Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth
As the Love Continues / Temporary Residence Ltd.
GrayceonThe Lucky OnesMOTHERS WEAVERS VULTURES / unknown

gabriel seaverprimativetuning / Half Shell Records