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Thu Mar 09, 2023 6pm - 8pm 
06:01 pm
06:02 pmRamonesDo You Remember Rock and Roll Radio
06:04 pmKepi GhoulieHappy When It Rains
Full Moon Forever / Pirates Press Records
06:07 pmRollerskate SkinnyMiss LeaderDeafening Divinities with Aura / Beggars Banquet
06:11 pmX-Ray SpexI Am a ClicheAnthology, the / Castle Records
06:13 pmCrocodilesLove Beyond The Grave / Lolipop Records
06:21 pm
06:22 pmViolent FemmesI Hear The Rain
06:23 pmBelle and SebastianWhen The Cynics Stare Back From The Wall
Late Developers / Matador Records
06:28 pmDumbPull Me Up
Pray 4 Tomorrow / Mint Records Inc.
06:33 pmBuilt to SpillUnderstood
When the Wind Forgets Your Name / Sub Pop Records
06:34 pmGroovie GhouliesLookout, Here Comes Tomorrow
Monster Club / Springman Records
06:36 pmDaniel JohnstonUnpack Your AdjectivesSchoolhouse Rock! Rock / Atlantic Records (Modern)
06:40 pmRobyn HitchcockSo You Think You're in LoveGreatest Hits / A&M Records
06:42 pmThe Monkees(I'm Not Your) Steppin' StoneGreatest Hits / Arista
06:44 pmthe SelecterOn My RadioSka Crazy! / Emporio
06:51 pm
06:51 pmPetsHalf Like Me
06:58 pmthe RaveonettesNew York Was Great
Chain Gang of Love / Sony Music
07:05 pmDum Dum GirlsCult Of Love
Too True / Sub Pop Records
07:05 pm
07:06 pmGodspeed You Black EmperorBosses Hang, Pt. II
07:08 pmSparksThe Girl Is Crying In Her Latte
07:11 pmFall, TheHit The North
07:14 pmJoey RamoneWhat a Wonderful World
Don't Worry About Me / Sanctuary Records Inc.
07:17 pmGhoulie, KepiMy Kind of GirlRamones in Love / Pirates Press Records
07:20 pmthe MopesBabydollLookout! Freakout 2000 / Lookout Records
07:22 pmthe AquabatsPizza DayDon't Be Scared: a Fea / Fearless Records
07:26 pmBlack Francis & Spanish For HitchhikingEl Clavo Y La Cruz
A Tribute To Repo Man / American Laundromat Records
07:32 pm
07:39 pmTame ImpalaInstant Destiny
Slow Rush, The / Modular Recordings
07:40 pmKali UchisYour Teeth In My Neck
Isolation / Virgin Records
07:43 pmThundercatThem Changes
Drunk / Brainfeeder
07:47 pmMac DemarcoLet Her Go
Salad Days / Captured Tracks
07:50 pmKali UchisJust A Stranger
Isolation / Virgin Records
07:51 pmTame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
Currents / Interscope Records
07:55 pmMac DemarcoOne More Love Song
This Old Dog / Captured Tracks