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Sun Apr 18, 2004 9pm - 11pm 
Three Kings / ILC Krewcikee's songmine /
Crown City RockersOrigAnother Day / Insidious Urban
Dj VadimUp to Jah LpIt's on / Ninja Tune
Non PhixionCleanCaught Between World's / Uncle Howie
LexiconCleanBrokenhearted / Ill Boogie
People Under the StairsO.S.T. Rmx...Or Stay Tuned / Om Records
J-LiveAdd a CipherAlways Will Be / Triple Threat
Large ProBlaze Rhymez12" / matador
capital taxthe masha12" / mca records
capital taxthe masha12" / mca records
UTFObit It12" / Select Records
Xclangrand verbalizer12" / island records
vakilits on12" / white
Divine stylerdirectrit12" / white label
Jean Graecaught between worlds12" / white label
RSC emceesboogie down12" / white label
High & mightyb-boy document12" / rawkus records
Prozack turnerbang it remix12" / look records
Ghostinstrumentalssampler /
Lunar HeightsStreetHalf & Half / Nataural High
peace til next week_to get at me_________djcikee@! / ____________________