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Wed Mar 20, 2002 6-9pm 
The ResidentsBoots, etcMeet the Residents /
The SandpipersLouie LouieGuantanamera /
National LampoonWell Intentioned BluesGold Turkey /
Luther Wright & the WrongsComfortably NumbRebuild the Wall /
Let My People ComeI'm GayLet My People Come /
The Langley Schools Music ProjectRhiannonInnocence and Despair /
Eugene ChadborneHow Can You Kill Me, I'm Already DeadHeaven /
Human HandsHypnoticaKeats Rides a Harley /
Cheech and ChongTV MedlyBig Bambu /
RedBird on Thw Ire
Songs From a Room /
Anita LaneDo that Thing
Sex O'clock /
The CardigansIron ManFirst Band on the Moon /
Julee CruiseMysteries of LoveFloating into the Night /
the Freight Elevator QuartetDowntime Is Becoming
Fix It in Post (Live 1997-2000 /
Hooligan SoulOn and OnHooligan Soul /
Burroughs, William S.DinosaursBetter An Old Demon than a New /
DieselboyThe Descent (Decoder Remix)Descent, the /
Null, Kk & Catera, DamianFomFreakout Modulation /
DOAWarWar on 45 /
Jackson 5I'll Be ThereDiana! (original TV soundtrack) /
The Battalion of SaintsNo More LiesSomeone Got Their Head Kicked In /
The FallA Figure WalksDragnet /
JFAStanding on the VergeThis is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks /
ChromeIn a DreamDangerzone /
The WipersNothin to ProveSub Pop 100 /
The RicketsThree Riechs Youre OutDestroy Oympia /
ConflictFeedback SymposiumThis is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks /
Asshole ParadeRed TapeNo Idea 100: Redefilin /
Social DistortionMass HysteriaSomeone Got Their Head Kicked In /
the DeadlinesTroubleFashion Over Function /
The DonnasUnabomberLive on KZSU /
PlastronOutSuper Sex Hero /
KalibasMasticate7" /
Crawl Unitside aTucson Mon Amor 7" /
Mt McKinleysThe Cake Eater7" /
the Tao of GrooveBrand New DelhiFresh Goods /
LoopdropMeteoritoLoopdrop 7" /
the Medea ConnectionMind Control
Bell Ringer, the /
Give'r /
The Pop GroupWe Are TimeThe Pop Group /
Billy Lee RileySt. James InfirmeryIn Action! /