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Wed Apr 03, 2002 6-9 pm 
Siouxsie and the BansheesIsraelThe Singles /
Ralph NaderThe Burden of Restraint is on IsraelAddresses Stanford, Oct 2000 /
Herb AlpertSlickThe Beat of the Brass /
Luther Wright & the WrongsMotherRebuild the Wall /
Steve LangSpeech #2A Tribute to Nashville /
KittieRun Like HellOracle /
Young Marble GiantsFinal DayColossal Youth /
Alan Parsons ProjectNucleusI-Robot /
the DeadlinesInternational Jet-SetFashion Over Function /
Good for YouNo TromboneFalling Out /
SyzygysNivaEyes on Green: Syzygys Live... /
LunchboxTone PoemEvolver /
Surprise Airing ofThe Palo AltoCity Council (!@#$%) /
George CarlinMuhummad AliClass Clown /
KalibasReturn for the WorseMurderous Grind Attack /
Diana RossClose To YouDiana! Original TV Soundtrack /
Luxerious BagsBury My HeartVoluntary Lifelong Quarantine /
Th' Faith HealersLove SongLido /
Henry's DressAll This Time For NothingBust Em Green /
Alien Love SyndromeBetter Then NothingAlien Love Syndrome /
NirvanaScentless ApprenticeRoma (bootleg) /
Flat Duo JetsGo This WayLucky Eye /
Los De AbajoEl LocoCybertropic Chilango Power /
Juan MendozaNo Pidas Mas PerdonEl Tariacuri /
Cornell Hurd BandPass The BoozeSongs of South Austin /
Nikki SuddenWhen I Left YouTexas /
Emmy Lou HarrisBlue Kentucky GirlBlue Kentucky Girl /
White StripesJolene
RedThe Butcher
Songs From a Room /
Robert GordonFireToo Fast To Live Too Young To Die /
The Langley Schools Music ProjectSweet CarolineInnocence and Despair /
National LampoonSouthern California Brings Me DownGoodbye Pop /