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Sun Jul 25, 2004 3pm - 6pm 
Craig TabornMystero
Junk Magic / Thirsty Ear Communication
Cuti SaddaBerimbau Beatdown!
Pentagrams All Up in My Bling / Daly City Records
Hearts of DarknessPositive
Music for Drunk Driving / Schematic Music Company
Dory Tourette and the SkirtheWrong Man Here (Theme From
Versions / S.P.A.M. Records
Rube WaddellMannixBound for the Gates of Hell / Vaccination Records
Dna on Dna / No More Records
Champagne KissStereo Relapse
Dancing in the Pockets of / Troubleman Unlimited
Echo Is Your LoveA Song for Sea Scouts8 Hours / Stickfigure
KrakatoaSnoopy with Mohawk
We Are the Rowboats / Cuneiform Records
Faun FablesEternal
Family Album / Drag City
Veronica Lipgloss and the EvilDown By the RiverVeronica Lipgloss and the Evil / Cochon Records
TartufiHullabalooLive at Cafe Du Nord / Independent
School of Etiquette / Alive Records
Riot-A-Go-GoAll Messed Up
A Piece of It / Deviant Records
La PlebeLa PostaConquista 21 / Independent
EmeticMaltEmetic / Gory Melanoma / 625 Productions
StaircaseEscapismFuneral Diner/Staircas / Ape Must not Kill Ape Re
Apotheker, the / Blurred Records
UnpersonsApocryphal Son Lying
Unpersons / At a Loss Recordings
RKLThink PositiveKeep Laughing / Mystic Records
the Bar FeedersWe Can Sleep in the Ambul...Pour for Four, Por Favor / Fastmusic
FuckfaceSpinning the Chamber of HoneFuckface / Six Weeks
HellchildWithout Any AnswerDeeper the Wound / Deathwish, Inc.
EskapoBalewalang SamahanEskapo / Independent
Brutal DeathWastoid
Bay Area Thrash Devast / 625 Thrashcore
Brutal DeathTrashoid
Bay Area Thrash Devast / 625 Thrashcore
Modern MachinesSick of this Conversation
Thwap! / New Disorder Records
the VssDeath SceneNervous Circuits / Honey Bear Records
FearHave a Beer With FearMore Beer / Restless Records
Fearless Iranians From HellNew GodsFoolish Americans / Boner Records
Fear Is the Path to the DarksiUnglaublich Glaubwurdig
Someday... / Scorched Earth
Allergic to BullshitLayers Upon LayersTrain I Ride / Half-Day Records
the Jellyroll RockheadsKanji Mind Is Green MindIntense and Mild E.P. / 625 Productions
Pig DestroyerPurity Undone
Pig Destroyer/ Gnob / Robodog Records
PegboyStrong ReactionStrong Reaction / Touch and Go
the Vandermark 5Strata
Elements of Style, Exercises / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Shiurba, John 5X51.1.1
1.1 = M / Unlimited Sedition
Tchicai, John/Komunyakaa JusefDolphy's Aviary/MalachiteLove Notes From the Madhouse / Harmonic Breakdown, Inc.
Lol CoxhillMessin' with the ManSpectral Soprano / Emanem
Bley/Di Castri/OxleyStreet WiseChaos / Soul Note
Lateef, Yusef/Adam Rudolph/Go:Little Tree
In the Garden / Meta
Kuti, Fela AnikulapoUpside DownUpside Down/Music of Many Colo / Mca Records