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Fri Apr 26, 2002 fri 3-6 p.m. 
Marc MoulinIt's to SayTop Secret /
Bill EvansMilestonesVillage Vanguard Sessions, the /
Cuong VuVina, All Grown Up [excerpt]Pure /
Brennan, John Wolf/Daniele PatumiChi.01Time Jumps -- Space Cracks /
John HollenbeckWithout MorningNo Images /
Goodhart Allen Powell TrioFor PrincessI Can Climb a Tree, I Can Tie a Knot, I Can Have a Conversation /
Berne, Tim/Copenhagen Art EnsThe Legend of P-1 [excerpt]Open, Coma /
Undo /
Guided by VoicesCut-Out WitchUnder the Bushes, Under the Stars /
PigeonholeFunky PigeonAt Radical House, Sf, 2/17/02 /
TunnelsSyzygy IncidentProgressivity /
Surman, John/Jack DejohnetteOutback Spirits
Invisible Nature /
John ZornBoomslangCobra (Live at the Knitting Fa /
Goodman/Gustafsson/CremaschiMOVThey Were Gentle and Pretty Pigs /
Gilles GobeilProject Proust [excerpt]Dans Le Silence De La Nuit /
Mengelberg, Misha QuartetReefFour in One /
Jean Derome21
Le Magasin De Tissu /
Eisenbeil/Taylor/Attias/RosenShadows KnightOpium /
Previte, Bobby/Bump the RenaisEverything I WantJust Add Water /
William HookerInfinite-Cipher-EternityBlack Mask /
Karayorgis, Pandelis/Mat ManerDisambiguation [excerpt]Disambiguation /
Dave DouglasYorkeInfinite, the /