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Wed Aug 11, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
Throbbing GristleDead on Arrival
Taste of Tg, the / Industry Records
the Blunder ChildrenThe Spider that Turned Into
Blunder Children, the / Water Bear Records
John Trubee & Gorgon Blint JrCall To Christian Cult Idiot #2Greatest Prank Phone Calls of All Time vol 3 / Orphan Outside the Banquet
Knights of the New CrusadeDangers of DatingMy God Is Alive! sorry About yours! / Gabriel's Trumpet
David CrossCertain Leaders in Governmet
It's not Funny / Sub Pop Records
Orange MonkeySaid So
Phat Berries / Independent
National LampoonDial-A-Curse
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
the Sexy LilliputiansClint Howard
Sexy Lilliputians, the / Headphone Friendly
Attempted: Live at Max's / Sympathy for the Record I
DnaLying on the Sofa of Life
Dna on Dna / No More Records
Boris/Boris at Lasttrack 4Feedbacker / Diwphalanx
Frost...I Lay My Ear to Furious L
Steel Wound / Room 40
Alphane Moon & Our Glassie AzoExperimenting with Amen
Experimenting with An Amen / Tzadik Records
Joy Shapes / Kranky
Waiting for Armadillo / Load Records
F-SpaceBombay Blood
Preliminary Impact Report / Mobilization
Hair PoliceBee Scrape
Obedience Cuts / Freedom From
ThermoYoung Master
Tourinf Inferno / Inoxia
SynapzTrickle Down Love
Alcatracks VOL.1: the Oakland / Shit in a Sling Records
the Raleigh RingersFarandole
More / Independent
Hearts of DarknessBicycle Patrol Go!
Music for Drunk Driving / Schematic Music Company
JettaturaTurn a Blind EyeSquadra Fantasma / Sixty One Sixty Eight
LoscilFirst Narrows
First Narrows / Kranky
Animal CollectiveLeaf House
Sung Tongs / Fat Cat Records
Secret MachinesFirst Wave Intact
Now Here Is Nowhere / Reprise Records (Modern)
Mouse RocketBlack HelicoptersMouse Rocket / Empty Records
the Grassy KnollThey Found Another Arm Today
Short Stories / Sixty One Sixty Eight
Epikurs EuforieLavaggio
Lurking for Pray / None
the Apes/
Tapestry Mastery / Birdman Records
[Coll]: Old Tyme LemonadeMindflayer-Dust Often
Old Tyme Lemonade / Hospital Productions
the VulvettesAlien Nation
This Is the Science We Believe / Dragnet Records
CrawlspaceTo Kill a RobotLaw Where Prohibited By Void / Gulcher Records
This Bike Is a Pipe BombBody Counts
Front Seat Solidarity / Plan-It-X Records
Illgotten GainzDie for Oil
Pet Goat, the / Burnt Ramen Records
John Wilkes BoozeYoko Save Rock'n'roll
Five Pillars of Soul / Independent
the HeadsQuad
At Last / Sweet Nothing
50 MillionGod Damn It
Bust the Action / Broken Rekids
Burning ImageBurning Image, Burning1983 - 1987 / Alternative Tentacles
Destruction UnitCancer
Self-Destruction of a Man / Empty Records
Really RedBored with Apathy
Teaching You the Fear / Empty Records
Pop-O-PiesIndustrial Rap
Pop-O-Anthology / Self Release
the Mentally IllStarbeat: Tumor Boy
Gacy's Place: the Undiscovered / Alternative Tentacles
National Lampoon2,015 Year Old Man
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
National LampoonFasten Your Seatbelts
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
MotorheadTerminal Show
Inferno / Sanctuary Records