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Thu May 02, 2002 3-5 pm pst 
David Shouse & BloodthirstyCasio Fight Song, theLittle Darla Vol. 17 /
Collette CarterWaitLittle Darla Vol. 17 /
Holiday FlyerTrainsLittle Darla Vol. 17 /
Mark RobinsonDilated PupilsLittle Darla Vol. 17 /
Alsace LorraineChalk Marks on the GroundLittle Darla Vol. 17 /
BarcelonaBeautifulLittle Darla Vol. 17 /
Puffy AmiyumiBoogie Woogie No. 5Spike /
ZumpanoParty Rages On, theLook What the Rookie Did /
the WrensRest Your HeadSecaucus /
PiebaldThe StalkerWe Are the Only Friends /
FiveheadHalftime ShowGib Mistake Factory /
SargeFast GirlsGlass Intact, the /
Q and not UWe Heart Our HiveNo Kill no Beep Beep /
Radio 4(No More Room For) CommunicaNew Song and Dance, the /
ClinicPet EunuchWaiting with Thee /
the Dismemberment PlanGyroscopeEmergency & I /
20 Minute LoopJubilation
Decline of Day /
the QuailsBrighterWe Are the Quails /
Okkervil RiverLady LibertyDon't Fall in Love with Everye /
the Good LifeBlack OutBlack Out /
Sarah DougherFirst DreamBluff, the /
the ScootersThe Ballad of El GoodoTribute to Big Star /
Pernice BrothersLet that ShowWorld Won't End, the /
WilcoI'm Always in LoveSummerteeth /
the White StripesLove Sick (Live)White Blood Cells Bonus Tracks /
the Delta 72Are You Ready?000 /
the TurncoatsStrawberry Curls
Beginning, the /
F.Y.PUndumbMy Man Grumpy /
the Infinite XsChosen OneInfinite Xs, the /