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Sat Aug 21, 2004 midnight - 3am 
7L & EsotericRise Of The RebelThis Is War / Babygrande
Brand NubianJust Don't LearnWho Wanna Be a Star? / Babygrande
Public EnemyGive It Up12" / Def Jam
J. TredsMake It Happen12" / Fondle Em
RZAGritsThe Birth Of A Prince / Sanctuary
Word AssociationBTM12" / Right Exact
Masta KillaOld Man12" / Nature Sounds
Thes OneYacht Club12" / Tres
NiamajYagotta (Remix)Vibe, the / Plug Label
Dopestyle1231Granulated SugarKutmasta Kurt Presents: / Waxploitation
Ill BillAlien WorkshopWhat's Wrong with Bill? / Physho Logical
BabbletronSpecialFX12" / Embedded
Brother AliSleepwalkerChampion / Rhymesayers Ent
CasualMy Whole IntentMy Whole Intent / City Massive
the Foreign ExchangeNic's GrooveConnected Ep / Bbe
Mood SwingazThe Blessin' (Boom Bodya Da))12" / Raw Shack
Dopestyle1231Threshold UnderbellyKutmasta Kurt Presents / Waxploitation
DJ GreyboyHidden Crate12" / PJays
Various BlendsFurther Dimensionz7" / Insidious Urban
Ace LoverLucky Seven12" / Goya
CheckmateThese Days & Times12" / Double Up
WordsworthTrust (Donae)Gotta Pay / Halftooth
Yah SupremeLive At The Improv12" / Son Doo
Ill BillOverkillWhat's Wrong with Bill? / Physho Logical
Bucc RogerzOff The Chest12" / Mad Seven
Brother AliBad Ma FuckaChampion / Rhymesayers Ent
Chief Kamachi#1312" / Good hands
MKIIFall From Grace12" / -
Lace Da BoomsCut That Weak Shit12" / Guesswhyld
Substance AbuseProfitless ThoughtsProfitless Thoughts / Threshold Recordings
7L & EsotericGrace Of GodsDC2: Bars Of Death / Baby Grande
NiamajThe VibeVibe, the / Plug Label