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Mon Sep 06, 2004 7pm - 8pm 
Mr. MeridiesCore DumpMr. Meridies / Friction Media
Known in BakersfieldA Clean SpotRetinal Ma Should Win / (Unknown)
Newsboy LegionSkeleton, the Happy CowboySounds From the Electric Lawnc / Smiley Jones Records
the Lonesome OrganistMiel SilvestreCollector of Cactus Echo Bags / Thrill Jockey Records
Laddio BolockoA Warm Annoyance
Life and Times of Laddio B, th / No Quarter
Climax Golden Twinstrack 3Imperial Household Orchetra / Scratch Records/Trackshun
Frith, Fred Guitar QuartetSpitty BoyUp Beat / Ambiances Magnetique
Willem BreukerTitelmuziekDe Onderste Steen / Entr'acte Muziekjournaal
Ninetynine80'S Roller RinkAnatomy of Distance / Stickfigure
Dame Darcy with the CoctailsSome Old Folk SongTardvark / Hi Ball Records
Tom PaxtonWhat Did You Learn in SchoolLive for the Record / Sugar Hill Records
Of MontrealThe Gay Parade OutroGay Parade, the / Fanatic Promotions
Noise AddictContractual ObligationMeet the Real You / Grand Royal
Mr. DibbsJoey Hates MePrimitive Tracks/Soundtrack to / Cease and Desist
Nommo OgoScreamingH.A.A.R.P. Musick / Isolate Records
Game Sounds / Stickfigure
Smurph's NoiseDiced Radio Frequencies withRandom Audio Diner / Melody Breaker Record
the 1985I Can FlyObscured By Pink Clouds / Carbon Records
Takako MinekawaPop Up SquirrelsRoomic Cube / March Records
P.A.W.N.S.PrawnsYou Talk of Sacrifice... / Bad Monkey Records
P.A.W.N.S.The WhipYou Talk of Sacrifice... / Bad Monkey Records
the Pupilstrack 6Pupils, the / Dischord
Upsilon Acrux45 SecondsLast Train Out / Hactivist
Crom-TechIi Men for Lord DorpalGravity #33 / Gravity Records
Orthrelmtrack 3Iorxhscimtor / None
SharkbaitI am So CloseBlowtorch Face-Lift / Primative Releases
Tit WrenchSurvey Said...Ok You Homos, Out of the Car / Vinyl Communications
GodstomperEmo GirlHe Who Currupts/Godsto / Get the Ax Records
the GhostsMystery TrackA Hatchetful of Secrets / Rink-E-Dink Records
RuhadeaAnionRuhadea / Level Plane
the Jellyroll RockheadsKanji Mind Is Green MindIntense and Mild E.P. / 625 Productions
the Bouncing SoulsI Like Your MomGood, the Bad, and the Argyle / Byo Records
Abc DiaboloWhat the Scientists Did notLast Intoxication of Senses / Common Cause
NojsbojsAuditive Space PiolitJahimsa/Nojsbojs / Your Own Jailer Records
the PeecheesOne for the TrebleGames People Play / Kill Rock Stars
My LaiRock Paper ScissorsLearn...Forget...Re-Learn / Divot
Mukilteo FairiesBloody BreathPeriscope / Yoyo Recordings
Assfactor 4SobSmoked Out / Old Glory Records
Talk Is PoisonIsolationStraight to Hell / Prank
Screeching WeaselRubber RoomAnthem for a New Tomorrow / Lookout Records
AparatRaped By the WarUppsala Crust Compilat / Your Own Jailer Records
R.A.M.B.OWall of Death the SystemWall of Death the System / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Astrid OtoGold CoastDiscography / No Idea
AvulsionTransversal VictimPrince of a Thousand Enemies / Impatience or Indifferenc
Left for DeadKept in LineSplitting Heads / Phyte
the Young OnesLove Knows no GenderSummer 2002 Tour Demo / Unknown
No LessCaptain Morgan's Wild RydesBoxed in / Slap a Ham
Crispus AttucksDecember 15, 1891Red Blood Black Attack / Soda Jerk Records
Loli & the ChonesPedujoP.S We Hate You / Rip Off Records
DystrophySkatin for SatanNice Kids / Crucial Records
Scrotum GrinderTo Hell with the EnlightenmeGreatest Sonic Abomination Eve / Prank
the MummiesIntro to the Mummies
Death By Unga Bunga / Estrus Records
BgJust a PhaseCongratulations, the / 625 Productions
Cleveland Bound Death SentenceEast River ParkCleveland Bound Death Sentence / Lookout Records
Krupted Peasant FarmerzSluuksPeasants By Birth, Farmers Bye / Farmhouse Records
WasteoidNick Nolte Is Gary Busey inTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
Gerty Farish Bulks UpHey Seth, Why So Blue?Load 016 / Load Records
Ruins 1986-1992Burning StoneRuins / Skin Graft Records