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Tue Oct 05, 2004 9pm - midnight 
Rob PriceAt Sunset
At Sunset / Gutbrain Records
Gorge TrioThe Age of Almost Living
Open Mouth, O Wisp / Skin Graft Records
Richard BucknerCharmers
Dents and Shells / Merge Records
Erika SimonianFood From the Cow
All the Plastic Animals / Self Release
WilcoWishful Thinking
A Ghost Is Born / Nonesuch
Oneil, Tara JaneFamous Yellow Belly
You Sound, Reflect / Quarterstick Records
Charles ATlasLIVE In-STudioLive Lick / none
Charles AtlasNeither Nor
To the Dust From Many You Came / Ochre Records
sanchezsun electricmorning songs / pauls
giant sandnapoliis all over the map / thrill jovkey
Animal CollectiveKids on Holiday
Sung Tongs / Fat Cat Records
Frog EyesNew Soft Mother Hood Allian
Folded Palm, the / Absolutely Kosher Records
Farmer FarmerMake Yourself An Honest Man
Hey Sally Sally / Toe Nail Records
CaesuraGiftwrappedWallpaper the Witness / Birds Go South Records
Rapider than HorsepowerRock Against Mapquest
Stage Fright, Stage Fright... / Essay
Richard BucknerA Chance Council
Dents and Shells / Merge Records
Six Organs of AdmittanceThe Manifestation
Manifestation, the / Strange Attractors Audio
Cline, Nels/Vinny GoliaSmooth Surface, the Canals 1
Entire Time, the / Nine Winds
Mark Lanegan BandCome to Me
Bubblegum / Beggars Banquet
giant sandhoodis all over the map / thrill jockey
Howe GelbSaint ConformityDont Shoot the Toy Pia / Wfmu Recordings
Richard BucknerAs the Waves Will Always Rol
Dents and Shells / Merge Records