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Thu Oct 21, 2004 3pm - 5pm 
DoshEpic Struggles
Naoise / Anticon
Two Lone SwordsmenStack UpDouble Gone Chapel, the / Warp Records
Objective PerspectiveOpen Road
Six Weeks in the Deathbox / Camouflage Space Records
Instrumental WardCroatia LucidPhysiology, Hygiene, Narcotics / Tsd Studios
MolarChambersTime and Motion Studies, the / False Walls
We Bring Spooky DramaMikronaut Aka Narquatic Life
Sastrugi / Katabatik
SubsoniqUnderactiveNot Responding / Nmc Music
the OrbDilmun
Bicycles & Tricycles / Sanctuary Records Inc.
Sleeper Coach / Loose Thread Recordings
A Hawk and a HacksawMaremaillette
Delivery Room / Leaf Label
Kid SpatulaResidue
Meast / Planet Mu Records Ltd.
Grape DopeInaction: Shadowed Us
Missing Dragons Ep / Galaxia
Archiv 1.1 / Asphodel
Boom BipFrom Left to RightCorymb / Lex
Savath & SavalasSota L'aiguaManana / Warp Records
Tax Cuts for Nose Jobs / Snse
Mc LarsMr.RavenLaptop Ep, the / Sidecho Records
the AvantageCastlevania -Stage 3
Avantage, the / 5RC
Vernon Reid and MasqueX the Unknown
Known Unknown / Favored Nations
WilcoAt Least Thats What You Said
A Ghost Is Born / Nonesuch
the GlassRecovering
Concorde / Makeshift Music
Father OctopusGenuflect
Sub-Manifold / None
Monoli / Dark Reign Recordings
Mountain Od Self Assesment, th / Self Release
Otto Van SchirachLa Sangre Del Dedo
Global Speaker Fisting / Asphodel
Avantage, the / 5RC