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Wed Oct 27, 2004 noon - 3pm 
Jello Biafra with the MelvinsMcgruff the Crime Dog
Never Breathe What You Cant Se / Alternative Tentacles
Jello Biafra with the MelvinsDawn of the Locusts
Never Breathe What You Cant Se / Alternative Tentacles
Coffin LidsCoffin Lips Rock N Roll
Coffin Lips / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
Festering Earth / Ibex Moon Records
CataractKilling Tool
With Triumph Comes Loss / Metal Blade
IllogicistInto Your Mind (Intro)
Subjected / Crash Music
LordsDead End Idea
House that Lords Built, the / Initial Records
Borosque, C.J. ReavenThe Pendulum
Machine / Edgetone Records
Four TetMy Angel Rocks... (Remix)
My Angel Rocks Back and Forth / Domino
Fila BrazilliaThatched Neon
Life & Times of Phoebus Brumal / Twentythree Records
ReplicatorWarrior Needs Food, Badly
You Are Under Surveillance / Substandard Records
Hopped UpHot Car GirlsGet Gone / Rhythm Bomb Records
Glazed Popems / Black Beauty
Frog EyesThe Fence Feels Its Post
Folded Palm, the / Absolutely Kosher Records
LaytonTu Le Jours
Homemade Hits, V.1 / Kittridge Records Usa
MushroomThe Beards Are Back in Town
Glazed Popems / Black Beauty
Pre-Earthquake Anthem / Output Recordings Limited
Rex AquariumRex AquariumPrivacy / Sea Level
Christian MarclayParis, February 11, 2000
Dj Trio / Asphodel