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Tue Jun 18, 2002 tuesday 12-3pm 
Do Make Say ThinkEnd of Music
& Yet & Yet /
the Jim Yoshi Pile-UpBreakdown ChampionshipIt's Winter Here /
KnievelDont ExplainName Rrings a Bell That, the /
Blanket MusicCityscape
Move /
Sigur RosSvefn-G-EnglarSvefn-G-Englar /
Azure RayFor the Sake of the SongNovember /
Octopus Off-Broadway /
Le Fly Pan AmRompre L'indifference
Ceux Qui Invent N'out Jamais /
[coll]: Infernal Bridegroom PrMarie Irene Fornes - the Bar
Infernal Bridegroom Pr /
EuphoneFanfareLakewood, the /
the Cricket Rumor MillFrisbeeRenderings /
Drekkatrack 5
Take Care to Fall /
the MicrophonesHeadless Horseman
Glow, the /
Little WingsShredder Sequel
Wonderue /
Sinister Luck EnsembleThis Will All Be Yours
Anniversary /
Steffen Basho-JunghansInside the Rain
Waters in Azure /
SonogramRadial Blur
Arrival Lounge /
Howard HelloDreamHoward Hello /
Holding Pattern1914Small M Manifesto /
DianogahPinata ObongataMillions of Brazilians /
Single Frame AshtrayComm JetAlready Gone: a Comp /
the American Analog SetChoir VandalsKnow By Heart /
SpokaneThe Absentee
Proud Graduates, the /
IditarodThe Nameless OneGhost, the Elf, the Cat, the /
Windsor for the Derbytrack #1Earnest Powers + /
Knife in the WaterCrosshair ChapelCrosspross Bells /
A Small Good ThingEl Mariachi Loco
Slim Western Vol Ii /
the Dylan GroupDivision LongUr-Klang Search /
Tetsu Inoue and Carl Stone*.HealthyPict.Soul /
Aiko ShimadaMezameBlue Marble /
CarriganBeginningCarrigan /
Do Make Say ThinkAnything for Now
& Yet & Yet /
Boxhead EnsembleCoastal BoarderLast Place to Go, the /
TarentelSteede BonnetFrom Bone to Satellite /
BeansAlpaca Llama
Tired Snow E.P. /