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Fri Dec 17, 2004 noon - 3pm 
The Harlem HamfatsGarbage Man (The Call of the Freaks)V/A Sissy Man Blues / Jass
Cambodian Cassette V1 / Sublime Frequencies
Koman Diabate & K. KamissokoSegou
Bush Taxi Mali / Sublime Frequencies
Radio TarifaTangos Del Agujero
Fiebre / Nonesuch/Atlantic
Joe MorrisGravitySingularity / Aum Fidelity
Faun FablesOde to Rejection
Early Song / Drag City
Joanna NewsomSprout and the Bean
Milk-Eyed Mender, the / Drag City
Billy BraggJoe HillV/A Don't Mourn - Organize! / Smithsonian Folkways
Kimya DawsonLullaby for the Taken
Hidden Vagenda / Secretly Canadian Records
Subtletrack 8A New White / Lex
Caveman SpeakEpisode 17: Acceptance Equals DeathV/A domino 03 / Wire
SpectreBeats WithinRetrospective / Q, Mass
CunninlynguistsSunrise/Sunset RadioSeasons / Freshchest Records
Jean GraeGive It UpThis Week / BabyGrande
Jedi Mind TricksBefore the Great Collapse ClBefore the Great Collapse / Baby Grande
Vast AireZenithLook Mom...No Hands / Chocolate Industries
What the Buzzing / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
Comets on FireThe Unicorn/Ice Age
Comets on Fire Cardboard Album / Sub Pop Records
YobBall of Molten LeadIllusion of Motion, the / Metal Blade
Cryptic SlaughterAmerican HeroesMoney Talks / Relapse
Limp WristStabbed in the Back
Complete Discography / Paralogy
Artimus PyleShitstormFucked From Birth / Prank
NasumPatheticShift / Relapse
CapharnaumThe Scourge Trial
Fractured / Willowtip
EstuaryFlesh and Blood DilemmaTo Exist and Endure / Ibex Moon Records
MastodonIron Tusk
Leviathan / Relapse Records
MeshuggahII / Fractured Transmitter
Swarm of the LotusCommitted to Ash
When White Becomes Black / At a Loss Recordings
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of NThe Donkey-Headed Adversary
Aiming to Answer Common Questi / Mimicry Recordings
Raking BombsThe Cipher Silo
You Are the Resliazjiax, Unlik / <No Label Info>
Claquetrack 4Claque / ?
Fe-MailWater Music
Syklubb Fra Haelvete / Important Records
SaganEyes Fixed in Wonderment...
Unseen Forces / Vague Five
PorestComposition of Sheep
Prude Juice for the Heritage S / Seeland Records
Syklubb Fra Haelvete / Important Records
Hot TrocheEating Erotica
Yopaakuyu with Me / Illegal Art