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Mon Jan 10, 2005 midnight - 3am 
KettelLittle Duck, When is Our Day?Volleyed Iron / U-Cover
HeliosClementineUnomia / Merck (
SixtooWaiting for AnythingBody Ache Summer EP / Ninja Tune
Jaga JazzistSuomi Finland (Live)
Day / Smalltown Supersound
BlissTime Time Time
Goodbye Brain, Hello Heart / Monotonik
Lars HorntvethNews on the March
Pooka / Smalltown Supersound
the Album LeafBrennivin
Seal Beach / Acuarela
Machine DrumHollis (Remix)
Bidnezz / Merck Records
Time MachineA Million And One Things To DoSlow Your Roll / Glow-In-The-Dark Records
Stereolab"...Sudden Stars"
Margerine Eclipse / Elektra Records (East Coa
Secret Frequency CrewBlack Moss Caves Pt. 1
Forest of the Echo Downs / Schematic Records
Valley of the GiantsWhaling TaleValley of the Giants / Fanatic Promotions
BolaEluusGnayse / Skam
Savath & SavalasTe Quiero Pero Por Otro Lado
Apropa't / Warp Records
LandauBrokenfader BreakThepicompromise / Merck (
Crown City RockersB-BoyEarthtones / Basement Records
Giant PandaGp Y'allWith / Tres
SquarepusherIambic 9 Poetry
Ultravisitor / Warp Records
SkalpelSculptureSkalpel / Ninja Tune
JazztronikSamurai (Album Version)Samurai (12'') / Chez
SleepwalkerThe Voyage (ft. Pharaoh Sanders)The Voyage / Into The Sun (12'') / Especial