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Tue Feb 22, 2005 9am - noon 
L'evenements / Dr. Jim's Records
Cyro BaptistaRio de JamaicaBeat the Donkey Beat / Out of My Mind Music
KakallaMaleficent Oblations to ...
Seeds of Analog Rebellion, the / Weltschmerz Records
Trio HurricaneBlues for John & FrankLive at Fire in the Valley / Eremite
Emergency (Glen Spearman)Emergency ThemeHomage To Peace / America
John ColtranePeace on EarthMastery of John Coltrane 3, th / Abc Impulse Records
Ware, David S. QuartetThe Freedom Suite (1)
Freedom Suite, the / Aum Fidelity
Cecil Taylor Quartet (w/ Albert Ayler)FourHoly Ghost / Revenant
Bishop, Jeb TrioNomadsBishop/Kessler/Mulvenna / Okka Disk
Heavy Metal DuoSome DayWork Songs and Other Spirituals / Self Release
Shepp, Archie / Mal WaldronEasy Living
Left Alone Revisited / Synergy Music
Happy AppleSee Sun Spot Run
Peace Between Our Companie, th / Sunnyside Communications
TricolorPalpableNonparticipant + Milk / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Cline, Nels SingersFly Fly
Giant Pin, the / Cryptogramophone
Vinkeloe/Cremaschi/Masaoka/RobMr. Humble Opinion
Klang. Farbe. Melodie. / 482 Music
David BorgoOn the Five
Reverence for Uncertainty / Circumvention Music
Archie SheppPitchin' CanBlack Gipsy / America
Bianco/Dunmall/PicardLabyrinthsUtoma Trio / Emanem
Ayler, Albert /Cherry/Tchicai/AyNew York Eye and Ear Control / Esp