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Wed Feb 23, 2005 5pm - 9pm 
DystopiaSanctityHuman = Garbage / Common Cause
SwansSex God SexFeel Good Now / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
ConvergeYou Fail Me
You Fail Me / Epitaph Records
Napalm DeathFire Death Fate (Insanity)
Leaders not Followers: Part 2 / Century Media
Pig DestoryerTowering Flesh
Terrifyer / Relapse Records
Crimenes De GuerraMcnocidio
Sangre Rebelde / La Femi Records
Man Is the BastardEunuchD.I.Y.C.D. / Slap a Ham
Butthole SurfersStiff Upper LipButthole Surfers / Alternative Tentacles
National LampoonStereos and Such
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
Honkey KongParty Island Fantasy
On Party Island / <No Label Info>
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumSleep Is Wrong
Live / Sickroom Records
M.O.D.No Glove no LoveLoved By Thousands...Hated By / Megaforce Worldwide
the Moldy PeachesNyc's Like a Graveyard
Moldy Peaches, the / Rough Trade
CassetteboyFly Me to New York (FeaturinParker Tapes, the / Barry's Bootlegs
People Like Us % Kenny GI'm From Vagina
Wfmu:Radio Archival Od / Self Release
Patton OswaltSteak
Feelin Kinda Patton / United Musicians
Morceaux De MachinesEstrapade
Estrapade / No Type
Charles MansonI'm on FireI'm on Fire / White Devil Records
BonkWasted Love
Western Soul / Racing Junior
the MuttsShark
Mutts, the / Fatcat Records
the SermonLatent Image
Volume / Alternative Tentacles
the CrampsLonesome Town
How to Make a Monster / Vengeance Records
Elvis PresleyThat's When Your Heartaches BeginElvis' Golden Hits / RCA
Al PerryCongratulations
Always a Pleasure / Addled
Mr. Airplane ManDon't Know How to Love
C' Mon Dj / Sympathy for the Record I
Mob StereoPlastic Static
Too Young to Go Steady / Dollar Record Records
the LollsGirlfriend
Girlfriend / Extra Small Records
the LollsGirlfriend
Girlfriend / Extra Small Records
th Knights of the New CrusadeSecret Sign
My God Is Alive! Sorry About Y / Gabriel's Trumpet
Bill HicksOdd BeliefsClean Edits for Radio & Raw Tr / Rykodisc
DemonicsRIPSTP7" / Mans Ruin
Kalmex and the RiffmerchantsForce FeedElectric Bukkake / Intolerant Messiah
3 / The Social Registry
The FallHip PriestPsykick Dance Hall / Eagle
Leaving TrainsVirginia CityKeats Rides a Harley / Happy Squid
Luxerious BagsMedley: My Imaginary Friend, The Drifter, Road BibleVoluntary Lifelong Quarantine / Twisted Village
Silo 10Wildlife Crossing
Silo 10 / Dog Fingers
Burroughs, William S.A Thanksgiving PrayerDead City Radio / Island Records
Michael MerendaIm God
Election Day / Humble Abode
Clang QuartetThe Separation of Church and Hatethe Separation of Church and Hate / Silber
Tetreault, M.; Yoshihide O.Grenoble No. 3
1. Grrr / Dame
Lenny BruceHow to Relax You ColoredHowls, Raps and Roars / Fantasy/Landmark/Mileston
Malcolm XKeep That White Man's Claws Off OUr WomenWisdom of Malcolm X Disc 1, Th / Black Label, Inc.
David CrossPandering to the Locals!
It's not Funny / Sub Pop Records
Rowe, Keith/Christian Fennesz/
Live at Lu / Erstwhile
Southern GospelSixty Second Jingle with AssYou Better Believe It! / Southern Gospel Music Gul
th Knights of the New CrusadeMy Way Is the Highway
My God Is Alive! Sorry About Y / Gabriel's Trumpet
CulturcideYour Whole LifeHome Made Authority / Delayed
Schedule IIPat RobertsonSchedule II / Ergot