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Wed Mar 09, 2005 5pm - 9pm 
Patton Oswalt80'S Metal
Feelin Kinda Patton / United Musicians
My RuinMorning Prayer
A Prayer Under Pressure of Vio / Snapper Music
My RuinBeauty Fiend
A Prayer Under Pressure of Vio / Snapper Music
Napalm DeathHiding BehindHarmony Corruption / Earache
BrujeriaEl PatronEl Patron (7") / alternative tentacles
Crimenes De GuerraDesobediencia
Sangre Rebelde / La Femi Records
Pig DestoryerScarlet Hourglass
Terrifyer / Relapse Records
ConvergeEagles Become Vultures
You Fail Me / Epitaph Records
Internal BleedingHatefuelOnward to Mecca / Olympic Recordings
7 SecondsMeant to Be My Own
Take It Back, Take It On, Take / Side One Dummy
Sin 34Do You Feel Safe?Do You Feel Safe? / spin head
Black Flagwhite minority, depression, revengeThe Decline of Western Civilization / Slash
The DicksPigs Run WildKill From the Heart / SST
Legal WeaponOver the EdgeInterior Hearts / Triple X
Wimpy DicksBarbi's Blanket
3 Shades of Patriotism / Bopp N Skin Records
Various: nip drivers, jfa, dr. know, white flag, white cross, et alvariousWe Got Power / Mystic
Whiskey Dick DarrylsPoison Veins
Whiskey Dick Darryls / Self Release
RetardsI Do What I Want
Bedroom Disasters / Empty Records
Neon ManiacsChildren of the Night
Neon Maniacs / Self Release
Frank Zappa and the Mothers OWhat's the Ugliest Part of YWe're Only in It for the Money / Rykodisc
Frank Zappa and the Mothers OAbsolutely FreeWe're Only in It for the Money / Rykodisc
Frank Zappa and the Mothers OFlower PunkWe're Only in It for the Money / Rykodisc
National LampoonDick Ballentine Phone-In #3
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
PiLReligionPublic Image Limited: First Issue / EMG
Liste Automated Andy BreckmanRobot Andy Speaks
Wfmu:Radio Archival Od / Self Release
Stephen LynchTalk to Me
Superhero / What Are Records?
the GretchensNelson's Choking
Cover Your Ears / Self Release
National LampoonGymnasty
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
Mob StereoBubblegum and Binders
Too Young to Go Steady / Dollar Record Records
Neil HamburgerMusic/Religious HumorLeft For Dead in Malaysia / Drag City
Sakarin BoonpitKotmorn Yoop Yap (All Shook
Thai Beat a Go-Go / Subliminal Sounds
Elvis ParselyJailhouse RockElvis' Golden Hits / RCA Victor
ResidentsBootsMeet the Residents / Ralph
the RoofiesBlame It on the RoofiesLive on Kzsu 4/22/98 / Outer a Records
Fabulous DisasterThe Drug that You NeedWnl / Outer a Records
The DonnasUnabomber/Super Teem promo (side B)Lets Go Mano! (7") / Super teem
LovechildStumbling BlockWitchcraft / Homestead
Henry's Dress(You're My) Radio OneHenry's Dress / Slumberland Records
SomsaraRebound Girl
Somsara / <No Label Info>
the Jesus LizardGladiatorLiar / Touch and Go
Scratch Acidthe Greatest Gift / touch and go
Scratch AcidMary Had a Little Drug ProblemThe Greatest Gift (comp) / Touch and Go
OP8 Featuring Lisa GermanoSandSlush / Thirsty Ear Communication
Al PerryDreaming
Always a Pleasure / Addled
Los Tigres Del NorteComo un CobardeUn Dia a la Vez / FAMA
the NaysayerFrank & Terri Ann
Pure Beauty / Carrot Top Records
BauhausThird UncleSwing the Heartache (comp.) / beggars banquet
Joy DivisionMeans to an EndStill / Factory
Beelzebub Youthbathroom slutsplit with nervous gender / Subterranean
Phallus Uber AllesChick Flix
Iron Woman / Fatal Recordings
Vanishing1, 10
Still Lifes Are Failing / Gold Standard Laboratorie
National LampoonYiddishco
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
King CrimsonElephant TalkDiscipline / WB
Human HandsHypnoticaKeats Rides a Harley / happy squid
MX-80 SoundWhy Are We HereCrowd Control / Ralph
OvipositorMexican Space Program
Cease the Day! / Arbeit Macht Dinge Record
the Salem LightsLong Legs
Secret Cistern / Dollar Record Records
the MuttsUniform
Mutts, the / Fatcat Records
Mr. Airplane ManMake You Mine
C' Mon Dj / Sympathy for the Record I
Caroliner RainbowJoy DiseaseHernia Milk Queen / Subterranean
Lenny BruceCompletely ExposedWhat I was Arrested for / Douglass
CulturcideA Day at My JobHome Made Authority / Delayed
The FallRowche RumblePsykick Dance Hall / Eagle
SwansLove Will Tear Us Apartred album / young god