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Thu Apr 21, 2005 noon - 3pm 
the HauntedMy ShadowRevolver / Century Media
Madder MortemJigsaw
Deadlands / The End Records
DirgeThe EndlessAnd Shall the Sky Descend /
John ArchCheyenneA Twist of Fate /
PassagePerfect WorldPassage Demo /
EarthDissolution Iii
Living in the Gleam of An Unsh / Megablade
Sunn ((O))))Defeating: Earth's Gravity
Grimmrobe Demos, the / Southern Lord Recordings
MastodonBlood and Thunder
Leviathan / Relapse Records
John PetrucciTunnel VisionSuspended Animation /
MeshuggahStengahNothing / Nuclear Blast
AbortedBlood Fixing The BledThe Archaic Abattoir /
BehemothThe Nephilim Rising
Demigod / Olympic Recordings
In-QuestScorched: A Reign of FireDestination: Pyroclasm /
Dark TranquillityLost to Apathy
Character / Century Media
NoumenaThe End of the CenturyAbsence /
YyrkoonOccult Medicine
Occult Medicine / Osmose Productions
AriseHow Long Can You Pretend?The Beautiful New World /
BloodbathDraped in Disease
Nightmares Made Flesh / Century Media
PsykupLove is DeadL'Ombre Et La Proie /
Beast, the / Metal Blade
DeadbornThorns of Inner FearDecades of Decapitation /
ImpaledMondo Medicale
Death After Life / Century Media
Buried InsideTime As Surrogate Religion
Chronoclast / Relapse Records
Holy BloodThe WandererThe Wanderer /
LudicraIn the Greenest Maze
Another Great Love Song / Alternative Tentacles
FolkearthIntro (The Pipes Are Calling) / Wolfsong in Moonlight
Severnye VrataBurelomRavnovesie /
ApocalypticaLife Burns (feat. Lauri Ylonen)Apocalyptica /
First / Hyperrealist
ForsakenSlipstreamEvermore /