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Thu Apr 28, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
Kiss It GoodbyeSick DayShe Loves Me, She Loves Me not / Revelation Records
High on FireBlessed Black Wings
Blessed Black Wings / Relapse Records
VaderI Shall Prevail
Beast, the / Metal Blade
MaroonThe Worlds Havoc
Endorsed By Hate / Abacus Recordings
EnslavedViolet Dawning
Isa / Candlelight Records
ImpiousBloodspill Revelation
Hellucinate / Metal Blade
Death After Life / Century Media
ImpaledMondo Medicale
Death After Life / Century Media
Dark TranquillityThe New Build
Character / Century Media
Beast, the / Metal Blade
Demigod / Olympic Recordings
CrowbarAngels Wings
Lifesblood for the Downtrodden / Candlelight Records
SkodagWaiting in the Shadows
Demo / None
ApesBaba's Mount
Baba's Mountain / Birdman Records
HellaImaginary Friends
Church Gone Wild/ Chripin Hard / Suicide Squeeze
Fat DayDeshanais
Unf! Unf! / Load Records
Vrresto (Remixed Re-Release) / Skin Graft Records
Michael ColumbiaMouse
These Are Colored Bars / GALAPAGOS4
Sunn ((O))))Dylan Carlson
Grimmrobe Demos, the / Southern Lord Recordings
EarthDissolution Iii
Living in the Gleam of An Unsh / Megablade
Ac/DcDirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapAd/Dc Live / Epic Records
the LeechesSlice Up
Suck / British Medical Records
Johnny DowdSeparate Beds
Pawnbroker's Wife, the / Catamount Company, the
the BreedersHappiness Is a Warm GunPod / Elektra Records (Local)
BeatlesHelter SkelterWhite Album / Apple
Beatlesnumber 9 backwardswhite / apple
Yuma NoraFall O Never
Red Train Graphing the Sunset / Deathbomb Arc
Faust Vs. DalekT-Electronique
Tempo Technik Teamwork / Staubgold
Irrevocably Overdriven Break F / Entschuldigen
Mike LaddAppropriated Metro
Negrophilia [The Album] / Thirsty Ear Recordings
Ho-AgGolden All Night
Pray for the Worms / Hive 35
Wesley Willis & the DragnewsMy Mother Smokes Crack Rock
Greatest Hits / Alternative Tentacles
Steve LiebermanBonkey on the Donkey
Gangsta Rabbi/Jewish Riot, the / Self Release
the Sharp EaseManipulation
Going Modern / Self Release
the GretchensCross-Dresser
Cover Your Ears / Self Release
Erect the Youth Problem / Cold Sweat Records
the CrampsSunglasses After Dark
How to Make a Monster / Vengeance Records
NotekillersHappy Endings
Notekillers / Ecstatic Peace
BassholesCall Me Green (Im Schizo)
Broke Chamber Music / Secret Keeper Records
ChemicalsPanic-No Fusion
Made From Dirt / Hyped 2 Death
We Are InvisibleSki BaghdadWe Are Invisible / <No Label Info>
Complicated ShirtThe Rotary Rosary
Strigine / Self Release
Phantom LimbsPatience
Phantom Limbs/Vanishin / Hungry Eye Records
Angels of LightLena's Song
Angels of Light Sing "Other Pe / Young God Records