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Thu May 12, 2005 noon - 3pm 
HyatariCollapseThe Light Carriers /
Sunn ((O))))Dylan Carlson
Grimmrobe Demos, the / Southern Lord Recordings
Emerson Lake & PalmerTarkusTarkus / Atlantic
Gordian KnotMutterspacheEmergent /
BorknagarThe Weight of WindEpic / Century Media
Isa / Candlelight Records
To Walk a Middle Course / Prosthetic Records
Buried InsideTime As Imperialism
Chronoclast / Relapse Records
High on FireCometh Down Hessian
Blessed Black Wings / Relapse Records
HateframeTorment the MassesSign of Demise /
Hellucinate / Metal Blade
Heaven Ablaze1867Enlightened By Darkness /
Dark TranquillityThe Endless Feed
Character / Century Media
GorgutsElusive TreasuresFrom Wisdom to Hate /
Demigod / Olympic Recordings
TraumaBeyond the PerceptionImperfect Like A God /
VehemenceBy Your BedsideHelping the World to See /
Dies IraeThe PlagueSculpture of Stone /
Deeds Of FleshIncontestably EvilCrown of Souls / Unique Leader
Beast, the / Metal Blade
SummonBlood Red SkiesFallen /
Symphony in PerilThe Whore's Trophy IThe Whore's Trophy /
Symphony in PerilThe Whore's Trophy IIThe Whore's Trophy /
Theory in PracticeThe VisionaireThe Armageddon Theories /
Winter of ApokalypseBlack Metal of Death
Solitary Winter Night / Moribund Records
DraugarWage a Final Battle
Weathering the Curse / Moribund Records
MardukSeven Angels, Seven Traumpet
Plague Angel / Candlelight Records
HacrideThis PlaceDeviant Current Signal /
ExtolLost in DismayThe Blueprint Dives /