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Thu Jun 02, 2005 noon - 3pm 
ImmolationDead to MeHarnessing Ruin / Olympic Recordings
MonolitheMonolithe IIMonolithe II /
AphangakArmageddonShadows of Death /
Madder MortemRust Cleansing
Deadlands / The End Records
High on FireSilver Black
Blessed Black Wings / Relapse Records
Betray the SpeciesUntitled
Sleepwalker / Can't Stop Eating Records
KylesaWelcome Mat to An Abandoned
To Walk a Middle Course / Prosthetic Records
SwansCowardReal Love / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
CrowbarAngels Wings
Lifesblood for the Downtrodden / Candlelight Records
Isa / Candlelight Records
Misery IndexDissent: Sheep and Wolves
Dissent / Anarchos
Misery IndexDissent: Exception to the Ru
Dissent / Anarchos
Killswitch EngageRose of SharynEnd of Hearache, the / Roadrunner Records
Darkest HourWith a Thousand Words to Say But OneUndoing Ruin /
AbortedDescend to Extirpation
Archaic Abattoir, the / Olympic Recordings
DistraughtThe OrderBehind the Veil /
Despised IconWarm BloodedHealing Process, the / Century Media
Infernal LegionChristan Genocide
Your Prayers Mean Nothing / Moribund Records
OriginStaring From the Abyss
Echoes of Decimation / Relapse Records
Demigod / Olympic Recordings
My Son, My ExecutionerThe Adjoining of Two SoulsIn Between Heaven and Hell /
Dark TranquillityLost to Apathy
Character / Century Media
Into the MoatThe Inexorable
Design / Metal Blade
MaroonWatch It All Come Down
Endorsed By Hate / Abacus Recordings
Hellucinate / Metal Blade