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Wed Jun 08, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
Infidel?/Castro!(In)Voluntary Emotional Resp
Bioentropic Damage Fractal / Crucial Blast
SkullflowerVampires Breath
Orange Canyon Mind / Crucial Blast
David RovicsFallujaFor the Moment / Yoyo
Massimo#3Hello Dirty / Mego Records
Schedule IiA Drug Free America
A Drug Free America / Ergot Records
Jim Price and Irwin ChusidJim Freaks Out
Wfmu:Radio Archival Od / Self Release
P. Miles BrysonComposition in Authentic Nav
Megalomaniac Decorator's Quart / Illegal Art
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiCredit
Worn Copy / Paw Tracks
CulturcideHouston LawmanTacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America / none
SwansHalf LifeCop / K.422
Men / Load Records
Meat PuppetsAnimal KingdomUp On the Sun / SST
HewhocorruptsWho's Buying LunchDiscographer, the / Forge Again Records
Betray the SpeciesUntitled
Sleepwalker / Can't Stop Eating Records
25 SuavesUs Against You
I Want It Loud / Bulb Records
ApesOrnaments and Windchimes
Baba's Mountain / Birdman Records
AbortedDead Wreckoning
Archaic Abattoir, the / Olympic Recordings
Misery IndexDissent: Multiply By Fire
Dissent / Anarchos
Napalm DeathThe Great and the Good
Code Is Red...Long Live Th, th / Century Media
Eleni MandellSnakebiut
Snakebite / Space Baby
David CrossI've Taken a Popular Contemp
It's not Funny / Sub Pop Records
Sound of Zzz / Howler Records
the Howling HexSoft Enfolding Spreads
All-Night Fox / Drag City
Shellshag / Self Release
the Rogers Sisters45 Prayers (Japanese)
Les Fantaisies Sont Bien / Troubleman Unlimited
the ValleyOn Swallows Nest
Valley, the / The Swingline Records
Killing JokeThe WaitFor Beginners / Caroline Records
Die KrueuzenPain (etc, side b)Die Kreuzen / Touch and Go
UK subsCIDBusiness Unusual / Cherry Red
ConflictItai/NumberLast Hour re-release / none (puke n vomit in the fall?)
Sin 34Nuclear War
Sudden Death / Puke N Vomit Records
Red CrossRich BratLife Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself / New Underground
the InsaintsX
Sins of Saints / Disaster Records
Chaotic YouthWhose BombA Country Fit For Heroes / No Future
Drongos for EuropeMayday
Barcode Generation / Puke N Vomit Records
Saccharine TrustI Have...Paganicons / SST
the Flesh EatersCrazy Boy
No Questions Asked / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
The SubhumansInquisition DayThe Subhumans (EP) / Quintessence
MentorsPolice HotelCopulation LP / Mystic
Rock JackEzra Lux (To the Rescue)
Belly Bones / <No Label Info>
Famous in VegasI Confess
Punk for Life / Run and Hide Records
China WhiteLive In Your EyesDangerzone / Frontier
ChromeDangerzone3rd From the Sun /