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Mon Aug 12, 2002 noon - 3pm 
Zawose & BrookNtambalize LijenjeAssembly / Realworld Records
Dj Cheb I SabbahManame DinameKrishna Lila / Six Degrees Records
Mohamed MatarAdawar
Rough Guide to Bellyde / World Music Network
Dave Tarras and the Musiker SDer Cholum Fun YidTanz! / Sony Music (Modern)
Japonize ElephantsMollys Midget Mansion
From Zorlock Land of the Lost / Tzme Productions
Edalat NasibovFakhri HavasiSilk Road, the / Smithsonian/Folkways
FaustCarousel Ii (Sunroof)Freispiel / Klangbad
Mark RobinsonArlington StationCanada's Green Highways / Teenbeat
WireI Don't UnderstandRead & Burn / Cargo Music, Inc.
NumbersPrison Life
Numbers Life / TIGERBEAT6
ServotronUser ErrorNo Room for Humans / Amphetamine Reptile
the Kustard KingsJungle Boogle
Blam! / Confidential Records
Chika ChikaTighty WhiteyChika Chika / Win Records
Talking HeadsI Wish You Wouldn't Say ThatSand in the Vaseline / Sire
Ex-GirlPop MuzikBack to the Mono Kero! / Ipecac Records
PolysicsEleki GassenHey Bob My Friend / Asian Man Records
Halo BendersDevil City DestinyRebels not In, the / K Records
the Bubbleman 2Nepa NepaA Day of the Iron Sausage / God Ocean
the BubblemanDoopie LoopieBubbleman, the / Horen
Brotzmann, Peter TrioSanityFor Adolphe Sax / Unheard Music Series
Zoviet FranceNorsch VorvahNorsch / Charrm Limited
Rhys ChathamAn Angel Moves Too Fast to EA Rhys Chatham Compendium / Table of the Elements
Pere UbuDarkSt Arkansas / Spinart
Deep Puddle Dynamicsdeep puddle theme songthe taste of rain...why kneel / anticon
Acid Mothers Temple and the MeIn DIn C / Squealer
Eleni KaraindrouCassandra's TranceTrojan Women / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Monica RamosPara Un AngelitoMotion 2 / Six Degrees Records
NakakoStephanie Says
Vu Tribute / Victor Musical Industries
Tom WaitsStarving the Belly of a WhaeBlood Money / Anti Inc.
Robert WyattBlues in Bob MinorShleep / Thirsty Ear Communication
the WarlocksJam of the WarlocksWarlocks, the / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
the Bevis FrondOur Number
What Did the Dinosaurs / Rubric Records
Mary TimonyMagic PowerGolden Dove, the / Matador Records
Toshack HighwayThe HitcherEveryday, Rock'n'roll Is Savie / Space Baby
Corey PorterCheese Grater
Guess Who this Is / None
PooleLoonAlaska Days / Spin Art
the Warren CommissionA.B.T.
Tricked By Cleverness / Espo Records
OxbowStallkickerAn Evil Heat / Neurot Recordings