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Thu Jun 23, 2005 9pm - midnight 
the ValleyEmergency
Valley, the / The Swingline Records
Paint It BlackThe Pharmacist
Paradise / Jade Tree
DictatorsNext Big ThingGo Girl Crazy / CBS
Alice CooperReturn Of the SpidersEasy Action / Straight
DeceasedMad ManCOLL: We Don't Need Society - A Tribute To D.R.I. / Malt Soda
the AccusedTake My Time
Louder than Hell / Six Weeks
NofxShut Up AlreadyGreatest Songs Ever Writte, th / Epitaph Records
MdcNazis Shouldn't Drive
Magnus Dominus Corpus / Sudden Death Records
the Flesh EatersAgony Shorthand
No Questions Asked / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
HickeyBasic Tips For Squirrel Hunting SuccessThe Hickey CD / Probe
Satan's PilgrimsGrave-Up
Plymouth Rock Best of Satan's / Musick Records
Crude S.S.Forced ValuesThe System You Hate / Systema Records
HellhammerEuronymousSatanic Rites / Hellhammer Maniac
NecrophagiaTriumph Of Death (Hellhammer cover)COLL: Order of the Tyrants / Black Lotus
25 SuavesUs Against You
I Want It Loud / Bulb Records
Wrangler BrutesUnmentionables
Zulu / Kill Rock Stars
Fat DayChilders
Unf! Unf! / Load Records
Casus BelliGoing PoundingPunishinment/Going Pounding / Amphetamine Reptile
Breaking CircusE,mperor CalvinSmoker's Paradise / Homestead
Vrresto (Remixed Re-Release) / Skin Graft Records
Caustic ChristI Infect
Can't Relate / Havoc Records
Misery IndexDissent: Sheep and Wolves
Dissent / Anarchos
Napalm DeathThe Code Is Red...Long Live
Code Is Red...Long Live Th, th / Century Media
CynessHoly War
Loony Planet/Industreality / Sound Pollution/Mcr
The Bad VibesInvader #1 Must Die!`COLL: Carbon 14 Presents South Philly Street Fight / Carbon 14
Bad BrainsRight BrigadeRock For Light / Caroline
MotorheadR.A.M.O.N.E.S.1916 / WTG
ImmortalAt The Stormy Gates of MistBattles In The North / Osmose
Cephalic CarnageWraith
Anomalies / Relapse Records
Moral DecayAmerica
Sudden Death / Puke N Vomit Records
Fader WarReligos TerrorCOLL: / Redrum
See You In HellMaso Jako Maso/Mujtatinek Pracuje v Koncentraku/Site Kontroly/Robot7 track 7" / See You Hell
3 Inches of BloodRevenge Is a Vulture
Advance and Vanquish / Roadrunner Records
ManowarThe OathSign Of The Hammer / 10
Nasty SavageNo SympathyNasty Savage / Metal Blade
0 / Go-Kart Records
DolorianA Part Of DarknessWhen All The Laughter Is Gone / Avantgarde
UFOOh MyPhenomeon / Chrysalis
BathoryBlood Fire DeathJubelium Volume 1 / Black Mark
BathorySadistJubelium Volume 1 / Black Mark
BathoryEquimanthornJubelium Volume 1 / Black Mark