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Sat Jul 09, 2005 3pm - 6pm 
Roky EricksonYou're Gonna Miss Me
I Have Always Been Here Before / Shout! Factory
Spacemen 3Take Me To The Other SideThe Singles / Taang
the Bevis FrondIn Another Year
Bevis Through the Looking Glas / Rubric Records
OverkillSonic Reducer (Dead Boys cover)Feel The Fire / Megaforce
Dead BoysAll The Way Down (Poison Lady)All The Way Down/The Night Are So Long / Relativity
Chris D./Divine HorsemanMother's Worry
Time Stands Still (Re-Release) / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
XBlue SparkUnder The Big Black Sun / Elektra
Gogol BordelloEast Infection
East Infection / Rubric Records
Wayne ButaneJapanese Lumberyard Hell
Imbalanced / Flaming Canine
D. VeradaCheaper Cheese
Cheese Sandwich / Veebosonic
Pekinska PatkaBila Je TGfake LijepaCOLL: Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia / Redrum
PararVisokotirazni mirCOLL: Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia / Redrum
Rock JackDarth Vader Is Mean
Belly Bones / <No Label Info>
Dr. ZekeJag Ska Aldrig Aldrig DoCOLL: Bloodstains Across Sweden / Redrum
RosvettKrossaKick Ass!!! / Six Weeks
BallastResign YourselfNumb Again / Ballast Records
MdcPoseur Punk
Magnus Dominus Corpus / Sudden Death Records
Minor ThreatIn My EyesMinor Threat / Dischord Records
Unit PrideWide AwakeThen And Now / Mankind
Gorilla BiscutsNew Direction/Stand StillStartr Today / Revelation
Famous in VegasI Confess
Punk for Life / Run and Hide Records
HiraxHostile Territory
Louder than Hell / Six Weeks
The AccusedHalo Of FliesMore Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral / Combatcore
Last PerfectionThe Inception
Drawing Conclusions / United Edge
Heaven Shall BurnAssassin Of LoveCOLL: Heaven Shall Burn/Caliban / Lifeforce
TotalitarKlass Inte Ras
Klass Inte Ras / Prank
CynessBush - Krieger
Loony Planet/Industreality / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Crude S.S.Who'll SurviveThe System You Hate / Systema Records
WarhammerThe Conqueor WormCurse of the Absolute Eclipse / Grind Syndicate
Celtic FrostVisual AggressionMorbid Tales/Emporers Return / Noise Records
GriffinHell Runneth OverFlight Of The Griffin / Sharpnel
HeathenGoblin's BladeGoblin's Blade/Set Me Free 12" / Combat
Witchfinder GeneralWitchfinder GeneralCOLL: NWOBHM / Metal Blade
ZygoteScarredA Wind Of Knives / Epistrophy
Killing JokePrimitiveFor Beginners / Caroline Records
Nuclear Armed HogsDiff'rent Strokes (Theme Song)COLL: Fiesta Comes Alive / Slap-A-Ham
King CirmsonRedRed / Atlantic
Dinosaur Jr.Let It RideBug / Merge Records
Venom P. StingerThe Day Will ComeCOLL: Scumbait #2 / Treehouse
Happy FlowersBB GunOof! / Homestead
HammerheadTuffskinsEthereal Killer / Amphetamine Reptile
Janitor JoeVoucherBig Metal Bird / Amphetamine Reptile
Black Mass LuciferSolomon's Ring/The Ride Of Aida (Voodoo)Black Mass Lucifer / Uni