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Mon Jul 18, 2005 9am - noon 
Philip JeckVeil7 / Touch
Tod Dockstader and James ReichertPast PreludeOmniphony 1 / ReR
Frith, Fred/Derome, JeanCutting to the Chase
All Is Bright, but It Is not D / Dame
Fires Were ShotQuickbeam
Solace / Asphodel
MogamiTrilobitesMogami / Self Release
Bj NilsenPurple Phase
Fade to White / Touch
SkullflowerGoat of a Thousand Young
Orange Canyon Mind / Crucial Blast
Syklubb Fra Haelvete / Important Records
D. VeradaSpooning for Credit
Cheese Sandwich / Veebosonic
Richard PryorWattstax Monologue
Evolution Revolution: the Earl / Rhino Records
Cat FiveAmerican Military OperationsAmerican Military Operations / <No Label Info>
Wayne ButaneOne Night at Bickfords
Imbalanced / Flaming Canine
Infidel?/Castro!(In)Voluntary Emotional Resp
Bioentropic Damage Fractal / Crucial Blast
My Bloody ValentineSometimes
Lost in Translation / Emperor Norton
Tim Bradytrack 3Playing Guitar: Symphony #1 / Dame
Yamataka Eye & John ZornMacabro DelicatoNaninani Ii / Tzadik Records
Tara VanflowerRabbit
My Little Fire-Filled Heart / Silber Records
JarboeI'm a Killer
Anhedoniac / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Men / Load Records
Friends ForeverSpringbreak!!!Tidal Wave City / N.G.W.T.T.
Wolf EyesBlack Vomit
Burned Mind / Sub Pop Records
SayyadinaAll this Fear
Fear Gave Us Wings / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Loony Planet/Industreality / Sound Pollution/Mcr
the Rogers Sisters45 Prayers (Japanese)
Les Fantaisies Sont Bien / Troubleman Unlimited
Ira!La Fora Pode Ate Morrer
Nao Wave / Man Recordings
AluBitte Warten Sie!Autismenschen / C.I.P and Snse
the Soft Pink TruthMedia Person/Vampire State BDo You Want New Wave or Do You / Self Release
Plastiq Phantom033104
Plastiq Phantom / Imputor
Kid KoalaSkanky PankyLive From the Short Attention / Ninja Tune
Luke VibertPrick Tat
Lover's Acid / Rephlex
Malcom KipeObscurity of Purity
Breakspiracy Theories / Merck Records