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Sat Aug 06, 2005 3pm - 6pm 
CivetCloset Death
Massacre / Disaster Records
the New York Rel-XDrunk on Tuesday
Sold Out of Love / Tko Records
GirlschoolHit & RunHit & Run / Stiff
New York DollsFrankensteinNew York Dolls / Mercury
the Bodies3
Live on Wnl / Outer a Records
the Flesh EatersBuried TreasureA Hard Road to Follow / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Junior AchievementRest in PeaceFade to Black / Malt Soda
Black FlagDepressionDamage / SST
BuzzcocksBoredomFrench / I.R.S.
FracasLeaving in my sleepAlways Drunk And Incapabile Of Love / Calendar Of Death
Rancid VatSleep Around The ClockRulebreaksers Rule / Brillancy Prize
CrudeWill Understand In The FutureImmortality / H.G. Fact
RiistetytInferno (Sivilisaation Kriis
2000-2005 / Havoc Records
Crude S. S.ChaosThe System You Hate / Systema Records
the SproutsDesktop Suicide
Tomorrow Will Be Worse / Sound Pollution/Mcr
R.A.M.B.O.Unhindered By Hope
Bring It! / Havoc Records
WolfbrigadeNo Heart BleedsIn Darkness You'll Feel No Regrets / Feral Ward
TotalitarKlass Inte Ras
Klass Inte Ras / Prank
TotalitarArbetets Valsignelse
Klass Inte Ras / Prank
Blood Run / Relapse Records
MotorheadI Don't Need ReligionIron fist / Bronze
NightmareAfter the War
Scatterraw / Hardcore Kitchen
Iron AngelWife Of the DevilHellish Crossfire / Old Metal
Lair Of The MinotaurThe WolfCarnage / Souther Lord
Minor ThreatMinor ThreatMinor Threat / Dischord
Grisen SkrikersSextiofemCOLL:: Bloodstains Across Sweden / Redrum
MisfitsNight Of The Living DeadWalk Among Us / Plan 9
Satan's RatsYear of the RatsWhat A Bunch Of Rodents / Overground
Look Back and LaughFuel the ConquestDrop Dead/Look Back An / Armageddon Records
Light this CityThe Static Masses
Remains of the Gods / Prosthetic Records
HellhammerBuried And ForgettenSatanic Rites / Hellhammer Maniac
This Is My FirstStiles the DogLetters From the Landf / Off the Dial
Bad BrainsRegulatorBad Brains / Caroline/Astralwerks
Running WildDiabolic ForceGates To Purgatory / Noise
ArtilleryTerror SquadArtillery / Neat
Rock JackToilet Master
Belly Bones / <No Label Info>
Crispus AttucksIf Not P. Then QDestroy The Teacher / Soda Jerk
Resist And ExistBetray Our MotherKwangju / Spiral
Sleeper CellSleeper Cell/Bombs Over Bagdad6 song EP / Cries Of Pain
Borres KorkPopstarCOLL: Bloodstains Across Norway / Redrum
SarosEvaporated Existence
Saros / None