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Wed Dec 07, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
Slitsunknownbootleg / none
Aero-Mic'd + the SadnessCloud Mama
Cloud Mama / Vile Industries
Northern Song Dynasty/Cristal / All Is Number
Lenny BruceThe Phone Company
Let The Buyer Beware Disc 2: I Wanna Pour Gas On You! / Shout! Factory
Robert CooperCymbolic
Music From Impact - Cdcm Computer Music Series, Vol. 33 / Centaur Records
Sunn ((O)))CandleGoatBlack One / Southern Lord
MochipetNelly Vs. Poor Kararookee (Venetian Snares)Combat / Violent Turd
We Are WolvesNon-Stop
Non-Stop / Fat Possum Records
ElectrocuteFun Is A Floppy Bitch
Troublesome Bubblegum / Emperor Norton
Witching Hour / Rykodisc
Cobra KillerTenthousand Tissues
76/77 / Monika
Blown Paper BagsSpell Athlete!
Aim Your Cameras / Suiteside
RetconnedBring The Jubilee
In All Caps / Costume Audio
VvvDesperate Nation
Resurrection River / Mego
Jello Biafra With The MelvinsDawn Of The Locusts
Sieg Howdy! / Alternative Tentacles
CulturcideA Day at my JobHome Made Authority / Delayed
Boomtown / (No Label Information)
the GretchensNelson's Choking
Cover Your Ears / Self Release
The GrabsTrouble Ahead
Sex, Fashion And Money / The Grabs Records
LovechildStumbling BlockWitchcraft / Homestead
Sonic YouthSuperstarIf I Were a Carpenter / A&M Records (Metal)
Made In MexicoInfrared Eye
Zodiac Zoo / Skin Graft Records
Steinski and Mass MediaThe Motorcade Sped on
Illegal Art / Illegal Art
MetricCombat Baby
One World Underground, Where a / Enjoy Records
the CreamersPissedHurry Up & Wait / Triple X
Fabulous DisasterThe Drug that You NeedWnl / Outer a Records
the RoofiesBlame It on the RoofiesLive on Kzsu 4/22/98 / Outer a Records
the DonnasLast Chance DanceDonnas/Raggedy Anne / Outer a Records
the DonnasUnabomberDonnas/Raggedy Anne / Outer a Records
Bad ReligionFaith in God/Fuck Armageddon this is HellHow Can Hell Be Any Worse? / Epitaph
Black FlagMy WarMy War / SST
XbxrxAgainst The Odds
Sixth In Sixes / Polyvinyl Record Co.
Spacehorse / Gravity Records
Punk Terorist Anthology Vol. 2 : '85-'88, The / Alternative Tentacles
NjbDead PorkerNot So Quiet On The Western Front (Re-Issue) / Alternative Tentacles
The BannerDevilhawks
Each Breath Haunted / Ferret Music
Metalux / None
Neil HamburgerJanis and ParisDi Presa's Pizza House / Drag City
Pop GroupThief of FireThe Pop Group / Radarscope
Bill HicksRockers Against DrugsRelentless / Ryko
Liz AllbeeFanfare The Goad Offal Ages
Quarry Tones / Resipiscent
Squirrel BaitKid Dynamite7" / Homestead
Angels Of Light & Akron/FamilyCome For My Woman
Akron/Family & Angels Of Light / Young God Records
Rodd KeithGet On My Honda Rhonda
Saucers In The Sky / Roaratorio