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Wed Jan 25, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
BrujeriaMarijuanaMarijuana / Chupacarra Discos
BongzillaChampagne & Reefer
Amerijuanican / Relapse Records
Sabbath (sorta)
Frank Zappa and the Mothers OAre You Hung Up?We're Only in It for the Money / Rykodisc
Witchy PooLove PowerPublic Works / 5RC
Frank Zappa and the Mothers OFlower PunkWe're Only in It for the Money / Rykodisc
Old Time RelijunMystery Language
Witchcraft Rebellion / K Records
Captain BeefheartMoonlight On VermontTrout Mask Replica / Reprise
Lydia KavinaVoice Of Theremin
Music From The Ether: Original Works For Theremin / Mode Records
Koji AsanoRabbit Room Reservation Center Ii
Rabbit Room Reservation Center / Solstice
Todd BarryPotheads
Falling Off the Bone / Comedy Central Records
Black SabbathNeon KnightsHeaven and Hell / Warner
Ion DissonanceYou're Not Carving Deep Enough
Solace / Abacus Recordings
the Bran FlakesBouncesBounces! / Happi Tyme Records
Arboga Teenage Riot6
Ugly Crew Demos / Daft Alliance
Mc HonkeyThe Object
I Am the Messiah / Spinart
Wesley Willis & the DragnewsYour Way Right Way
Greatest Hits / Alternative Tentacles
the GretchensWesley Willis
Cover Your Ears / Self Release
Rodd KeithDon't Be A Dope
Saucers In The Sky / Roaratorio
Iron Point, the / Load Records
NorttDog Og Borte
Nortt/Xasthur / Southern Lord Recordings
Youth ManifestoYouth Brigade segmentYouth Manifesto cassette 1982 / Youth Manifesto (?)
Angry SamoansHot Cars/Inside My BrainInside My Brain / Bad Trip
AdolescentsWho Is WhoAdolescents / Frontier
WrecksPunks an Attitudedemo tape 1982 / none
Bad BrainsPay to CumLet Them Eat Jelly Beans / Alternative Tentacles
MinutemenFake ContestRat Music for Rat People vol 2 / CD
JFAMiddle AmericaRat Music for Rat People vol2 / CD
Die KreuzenFightCows and Beer 7" /
Toxic ReasonsMercenaryThe Master Tape / Affirmation
Olho SeconadaWelcome to 1984 / MRR
Minor ThreatBetrayOut of Step / Dischord
Reagan YuthI Hate HateReagan Youth ("oh come on jim..") / none
Mad society2You Cant Argue With Sucksess / Mystic
Minor ThreatStand Up/12xUFlex Your Head / Dischord
Government IssueHey Ronnie/Lie cheat StealFlex Your Head / Dischord
The SkeptixSo The Youth
...So The Youth / Thunk Records
Negative TrendMercenariesTooth and Nail / Tooth and Nail
Middle ClassLove is just a toolTooth and Nail / Tooth and Nail
RuinProofGet Off My Back / Red Music
Youth ManifestoRF7Youth Manifesto tape (1982) / Youth Manifesto (?)
Saccharine TrustA Human CertaintyBlasting Concept / Sst Records/New Alliance
The BriefsForty And Above
Steal Yer Heart / Byo Records
SwansLove Will Tear Us Apartred album / PVC K.422
National LampoonHeight Report Disco
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
Bit RateAnother Slice
Nf3 / Db Recording
Billy WestPopeyeinterview with Your Imaginary Friend on KZSU / shavedneck