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Thu Feb 02, 2006 6am - 9am 
Paul RutherfordSequence 72Sequences 72 & 73 / Emanem
Weed Tree, The / Locust Music
David Thomas BroughtonUnmarked GraveThe Complete Guide to Insufficiency / Birdwar/Plug Research
Lavender DiamondRise in the SpringtimeCavalry of Light ep / self-released
Del Ray & The Sun KingsRose Garden (For Saadi)I Am The Light / Trakwerx
Hoyry-KoneUllakon LelutHuono Parturi / Silence
Edmund Welles: The Bass Clarinet QuartetAsmodeus: The Destroyer, King Of The Demons
Agrippa's 3 Books / Zeroth Law
Burning Star CoreCome Back Through MeThe Very Heart of the World / Thin Wrist
Andrew BirdSovay
Mysterious Production of E, th / Righteous Babe Records
Carla KihlstedtLast Resort
2 Foot Yard / Tzadik Records
Takumi Fukushima & Dominique LentinHas BeenTakumi Fukushima & Dominique Lentin / SMI
Iva BittovaPolykacka Nozu
Cikori / Indies Records
Chicago Underground DuoLifelinesAxis and Alignment / Thrill Jockey Records
Hard CellI Thought You Had It
Feign / Screwgun Records
31 KnotsProxy And Dominion
Talk Like Blood / Polyvinyl Record Co.
Make BelieveThe Storm On Her BirthdayShock Of Being / Flameshovel Records
Forever EinsteinBad Weather (Changed Our...One Thing After Another / Cuneiform Records
PopCanonThank You GodSome Antiques by the Semantics & PopCanon Covers it Up / self-released
Cheval de FriseLa lame du mat VLa lame du mat / Frenetic
Heilig-Levine Lp, The / 54 Degrees 40' or Fight!
Pattern Is MovementMaple
Stowaway / Nfi
Skeleton BreathSurf Music Pt 1Louise / self-released
NoxagtNaked in France
Iron Point, the / Load Records
KorekyojinnDoldrumIsotope / Tzadik
Berthiaume, Sirjacq, TealeContemplating Innuendo
Leaves and Snows / Ambiances Magnetique
VertonenFailure (Graywater Terminal)
Orchid Collider / C.I.P and Snse
Bill Frisell858-4
Richter 858 / Songlines Recordings