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Sat Feb 11, 2006 midnight - 3am 
QuasimotoMicrophone MathematicsHittin Hooks / Stones Throw
PenuckleWelcomeWelcome / Basement Records
Ras KassThe EndRasassination / Priority Records (Hiphop)
Arboga Teenage Riot2
Ugly Crew Demos / Daft Alliance
Lovely MidgetBad BreakfastLovely Midget / Ecstatic Peace
Men's Recovery ProjectThe Aweful People In The Empty Club
Best Of Men's Recovery Project, The / 5 Rue Christine
Men's Recovery ProjectGet The Fuck Out Of My Office
Best Of Men's Recovery Project, The / 5 Rue Christine
AngstFangaAngst/Idora / Heartfirst Records
Capitalist CasualtiesGameDope and War / Slap a Ham
1ST DownMain VersionA Day Wit the Homiez / Def West
UnknownA Saint-LazareTraditional Music And Songs Of Old Paris / Legacy
Capitalist CasualtiesGuang XiDope and War / Slap a Ham
Tommy DorseyLove Is Never Out of SeasonComplete Tommy Dorsey 1937, th / (Unknown)
IdoraFull PointAngst/Idora / Heartfirst Records
IdoraTwisted of StateAngst/Idora / Heartfirst Records
Montgomery, WesCalifornia DreamingCompact Jazz - Wes Montgomery / Verve Records
Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1, The / Alternative Tentacles
Liz AllbeeThose Whinatheros
Quarry Tones / Resipiscent
Infidel?/Castro!Intrusice Imagination
Bioentropic Damage Fractal / Crucial Blast
Max SteinerThe Treasure of the SierraComposed By: Classic / Rhino Records
Morris, Lawrence D. "Butch"Conduction #31, E IConduction 31, Conduction 35 / New World Records
Great at 8ScorpioGreen Machine / Howes Head Records
Lovely MidgetBad BreakfastLovely Midget / Ecstatic Peace
The Fbi in Peace and WarOld Time Radio Vol 2 / Columbia Records (College
Arthur GodfreyWhat Is a Boy?Old Time Radio Vol 2 / Columbia Records (College
Major LanceThe Monkey TImeOkeh Sould / Epic Records
Charles MingusSlopShoes of the Fisherman's Wife / Columbia Records (Jazz)
Vale, JerryFrom The Bottom Of My HeartArrivederci, Roma / Columbia records
Welk, LawrenceGetting To Know You22 Great Songs For Dancing / Ranwood Records
NoneAmsterdam SongsAfternoon in Amsterdam / Capitol Records (Jazz)
Ventures, TheLovin' ThingsHawaii Five-O / Liberty Records
:Zoviet*France:Daisy GunIsolationism / Virgin Records (Local)
Kalmex and Riff MerchentsIt's Getting Heavy
King Jakal / West Bay Coalition
Karate PartyOne-Two-Three-FourBlack Helicopter Ep / Moo-La-La Records
Bit RatePhantom Proxy
Nf3 / Db Recording
VertonenFailure (Graywater Terminal)
Orchid Collider / C.I.P and Snse
Echoes of NatureMarshMorning Songbirds / Laserlight Digital
Experimental Dental SchoolOur Blood Is Laughing
2 1/2 Creatures / Deleted Art
Monasteries Of BhutanLong Trumpets, "Throat Ornament"
Tibetan & Buddhist Rites From The Monasteries Of Bhutan / Forced Exposure
The Spoils Of WarBig Sugar Plantations
I I / Normal Records
Ralph CarneySwamp Horse
This Is! Ralph Carney / Black Beauty
Illusion of SafetyActivation PhaseInvisible Domains / Malignant Records
AcridElementaryAcrid / Bombs of Death / No Idea
Strong IntentionBullshit HatredEach Day Lived... An Act of De / Six Weeks
Eyvind KangDancing FlowersDancing Flowers / Rabid God Inoculator Indu
VoetsekDead RosesDead Roses / Six Weeks
VoetsekRingworm FuckDead Roses / Six Weeks
Ion DissonanceCleansed By Silence
Solace / Abacus Recordings
Thompson, Leon "Whitey"Life Of Crime
Unfinished Tattoo, The / The Unfinished Tattoo
MadagascarOur First Communist PsychicForced March / Western Vinyl
Lydia KavinaVoice Of Theremin
Music From The Ether: Original Works For Theremin / Mode Records
Remembranza / The Leaf Label
Bill Frisell858-6
Richter 858 / Songlines Recordings
EttrickTrack 2
Demo / Self Release
XasthurBlood From The Roots Of The Forest
Nortt/Xasthur / Southern Lord Recordings
Iron LungParalized Words
Life. Iron Lung. Death / 625 Thrashcore
Luke Highnight's Ozark StrutteFt. Smith BreakdownEchoes of the OZARKS#1 / County Records
Barbara BushAnd So Many Of The People In The Arena Here, You Know, Were Underprivileged...
Sept 5th, 2005: At The Houston Astrodome / Self Release
Taft, William HowardWhat Constitutes An UnlawfulLibrary/Congress Vol 1 / Rhino Records
the Bay State IvSlippery Fingers OberekLegends of Accordian / Rhino Records
Vienna Noise ChoirDavid's Bath HourDavid's Bath Hour / Brick Factory Records
Born/DeadFearRepetition / Prank
Mi And L'auNude
Mi And L'au / Young God Records
Society Of The Spectacle, The / Emanem
Sin 34Nuclear War
Sudden Death / Puke N Vomit Records
Machine Gun RomanticsHey...Thanks for Pointing Ou
Everything So Far / 625 Thrashcore
Lake Berkowitz & DahmerInvocation Of My Demon Budgie
Malpractice: A Fflint Central Primer / Birdman Records
Machine Gun RomanticsThe Running Man Runs for Off
Everything So Far / 625 Thrashcore
Modern Life Is WarThe Outsiders (Aka Hell Is For Heroes Part I)
Witness / Deathwish, Inc.
IsisDivine Mother
Sgnl > 05 / Neurot Recordings
Charlie ParkerI'll Remember AprilCharlie Parker with Strings / Verve
Venetian SnaresAanguishMeathole / Planet Mu Records Ltd.
SuntarapornThe Melancholy GirlDancing Of The Swans and other Songs Of Thailand / Thai Phonograph Records
AnnieToy: Rabbit Pushing MoverDj Kicks / !K7 Records
Kali BahluA Cosmic Telephone CallRe/Search Incredibly Strange M / Caroline/Gyroscope
Violent RampGrind the PigsGrind the Pigs / Freedom From
Violent RampPay to SkateGrind the Pigs / Freedom From
MalicorneLe Prince D'orangeLegende / Hannibal/Rykodisc
Hot Water MusicFree Radio GainesvilleNo Division / Some Records
La PlebeDirty Old Town
Entre Cerveza, Ritmo, Y Emocion... / Desarme Sf
the Ralf Jones Band100 PointsDrowning in Kentucky / Self Release
Claudia MuzioPer Amor De GesuComplete Columbia Recordings / Romophone
Mariachi CoculenseEl GavilancilloMariachi Coculense / Arhoolie