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Fri Sep 13, 2002 midnight - 3am 
5F_55Little Z Zirta5F_55 / Hands
AmmoPsychoville (Imminent Mix)Age of Terminal Irony / Unknown
TripwireIntellavoidIntellavoid / unknown
Mono No AwareAfter the ExperimentKika No Sekai / unknown
Needle SharingYellow Pages (Task-Force-MixMy Kind Came First / Hands
Black Lung & Xingu HillCrimson Skies and Vapor TrailsThe Andraculoid Experience / Ant-Zen
MerzbowUntitledMerzbow / Dragnet Records
RecoilLuscious ApparatusUnsound Methods / unknown
Ah Cama-SotzVio-Lence and Vivi-SectionTerra Infernalis / Hands
HybrydsThe Ritual of the RaveRhythm of the Ritual, the / Charnel House Productions
Somatic ResponsesOldrosvCircumflex / unknown
Streaming/Streaming / FOR4EARS
MZ412 VS FolkstormSurge MeCollapse / unknown
Esplendor GeometricoMundial RadioPolygophone / unknown
CetrozoonThe Cult Of: BibbilbooCult Of: Bibbiboo, the / Burningshed
Textstar / Klang Industries
Martes / The Leaf Label
GridlockSeverFurther / unknown
InterfaceSphism./Swank / Cycling '74
SynapscapeThe Power of LovePositive Pop / unknown
F/A/VTote Frauen / Kranke MannerFeinde auf Valium / Mental Ulcer Forges
FeindflugBlutorgelHirnschlacht / unknown
Einsturzende NeubautenAbfackeln!Strategies Against...2 / (Unknown)
IambiaClaustrophobiaPrometheus / Capp Records
WumpscutIs It YouEmbryodead / Metropolis Records
Skinny PuppyAddictionSingles Collect, the / Nettwerk Productions
DiveSnakedressedSnakedressed / Cop International
S.I.N.A.ReleaseSnapshot / unknown
Metalux / None
Summer Tour 2002 Promo / Scratch and Sniff Entm
Hair PoliceGuntown Mtn
Blow Out Your Blood / Freedom From
Brighter Death NowGoreGreatest Death / unknown
Dagda MorTriumph!The Border of Light / unknown
IszoloscopePrima MomentumCoagulating Wreckage / unknown
Ah Cama-SotzEmpty SoulsTerra Infernalis / Hands
So TakahashiChelsea Pier 2:13AM
New York / Apartment B Records
Beneath the LakeInside PassageInside Passage / Glass Throat Recordings
Asmus Tietchens & Vindaobana2
Shifts Recyclings, the / Soleilmoon Recordings
Annette KrebsGuitarGuitar / A Bruit Secret
Beneath the LakeTemporal TributaryInside Passage / Glass Throat Recordings
WinterkalteGreenwarGreenwar / unknown