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Fri May 26, 2006 midnight - 3am 
JuciferLambsLambs E.P., the / Velocette Records
Ravi ShankarKaisey Din Beetey (From Anuradha)
Man And His Music, The / Times Square Records
SnuggleHeavy Hang The Head
Whiskey Sunday / Snuggle / Vinehell Records
Rum & RebellionOh SalinasRum & Rebellion / Self Release
CauralThey'll Make A Video Game Out Of Killing People Like YouRemembering Today / Mush Records
MatmosRoses And Teeth For Ludwig WittgensteinRose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast, The / Matador Records
BoomishBoomish Theme
Play At Home Version, The / Kineticsurge
BoomishCurtain #1
Play At Home Version, The / Kineticsurge
Panel Discussion Organized By Harper's MagazineTrack 7Bush Impeachment - Panel Discussion / !K7 Records
The CliftonsCalifornia Teenage JunkieLos Olvidados / The Cliftons (Split 7") / Super Speedway
PorestWe Eat The People
Tourrorists! / Abduction
Hobart SmithWayfaring StrangerIn Sacred Trust / Smithsonian/Folkways
Andre NickatinaSmoke Dope And Rap?? / d
Slavic Soul PartyCacak Nirvana
Bigger / Barbes Records
BookwormUntitled One
Hidden Staircase 12", The / Solos Records
MatmosTract For Valerie SolanasRose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast, The / Matador Records
My Goldfish NedWhat Do We Have To Fear?Taking All Corners / Crash Records
Soul PositionHand Me Downs (Dirty)Hand Me Downs / Rhymesayers Ent
Lost WeekendSwingin' Out WestSwingin' Out West / Redoubtable Records
Arditti String QuartetCastiglioni/Romanze/AdagioFrom Italy / Auvidis
Arditti String QuartetCastiglioni/AndantinoFrom Italy / Auvidis
Arditti String QuartetCastiglioni/LarghettoFrom Italy / Auvidis
Arditti String QuartetCastiglioni/AdagiettoFrom Italy / Auvidis
Abi YoyosXenophobia
This World Is Not My Home / Riisk
Venetian SnaresWinnipeg As Mandatory Scat FWinnipeg Is a Froken Shithole / Sublight Records
Birdy Nam NamReady For War, Ready For Whut?Birdy Nam Nam / Uncivilized World
Birdy Nam NamWe Drummin'Birdy Nam Nam / Uncivilized World
Big Sky / C.I.P and Snse
Alan LomaxBack to the Cabin
Ballad Operas: Martins and Coy / Rounder Records
Alan LomaxBlack Is the Color of My Tru
Ballad Operas: Martins and Coy / Rounder Records
Adams/BarkamThe Banana Splits AdventureToon Tunes / Rhino Records
People Like UsScott SlimStifled Love / Mess Media
Majority RuleAt 3 AmInterviews with David Frost / Magic Bullet Media
Born HellerI Want to
Born Heller / Locust Music
La Plebe!Aguanta!
Entre Cerveza, Ritmo, Y Emocion... / Desarme Sf
La PlebeEnfadada
Entre Cerveza, Ritmo, Y Emocion... / Desarme Sf
La PlebeDirty Old Town
Entre Cerveza, Ritmo, Y Emocion... / Desarme Sf
LowlightOpen Your EyesWindow Pain / The Ground Label
David AxelrodThe EdgeEdge: David Axelrod At Capitol Records 1966-1970, The / Capitol Records (Jazz)
TropiezoNadaTropiezo / Outraged (Split 7") / Punks Before Profits
Federico MompouBook I AngelicoMusica Callada / Ecm Records
Federico MompouLentoMusica Callada / Ecm Records
Federico MompouPlacideMusica Callada / Ecm Records
Federico MompouAfflitto E PenosoMusica Callada / Ecm Records
OutragedV08282 (Prison)Tropiezo / Outraged (Split 7") / Punks Before Profits
OutragedDesperdicio De VidaTropiezo / Outraged (Split 7") / Punks Before Profits
MadagascarOur First Communist PsychicForced March / Western Vinyl
Megrim / Hymen
CauralWishing On AirplanesRemembering Today / Mush Records
Bianchi, MaurizioMorder Unter UnsNeuro Habitat / EeST
Echoes of NatureThunder & RainThunderstorm / Laserlight Digital
MofosUntermeyer Park
Supercharged on Alcohol / Independent
MofosSatan-A-Go Go
Supercharged on Alcohol / Independent
RiauBalai PusingMusic of Indonesia 07 / Smithsonian/Folkways
8UntitledThis Song Is Identical Forward / 8
8bit BettyAnd I Know That You're Happy (Ballad Of The Lonesome Spaceboy)
Too Bleep To Blop / Hippocamp
Big Hard Excellent FishOneImperfect List / One Little Indian Records
MidmightAn Interview
Almost Clear / Resipiscent
Hearing VoicesHalf 1 (32:00)
Mushroom Cloud: Tales From the / Hearing Voices Radio
Burns Sisters Band, TheI Wonder Who's Out TonightThe Burns Sisters Band / Columbia
Musical Memories of Germany V.Unser Schones TirolerlandMusical Memories of Germany V. / Telefunken
Claudia MuzioPer Amor De GesuComplete Columbia Recordings / Romophone