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Wed May 31, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
Micro Journey/
Micro Journey Vol. 1 / None
The Magik MarkersDidion Waltz
A Shy Arthritic Sky / Gulcher Records
Sonic YouthNow I Wanna Be Your DogConfusion is Sex / SST
Ed Chang & Han DegcKnallend
Nois Und Stringe / Quodlibet Recordings
Cline, Nels + Jeremy DrakeB+C 3
Banning + Center / Nebsonic
Masonic YouthJohn The Baptist Song
Ordo Ab Surd / Resipiscent
MonitorPhosphoreaMonitor / World Imitation Records
Throbbing GristleSubhuman7" 1980 / Industrial Records
Test DeptFuckhead
Unacceptable Face of Freedom, / Thirsty Ear Communication
Skinny PuppySolvent12" / Netwerk/Capitol
Anal KittiesFingers Through The Dirt
Twine / Anal
Killing JokeThe Fall of Becausewhats THIS for... / EG
PilPublic ImageGreatest Hits So Far, the / Virgin Records (Modern)
JapantherShelfish Kids
Yer Living Grave / Menlo Park Recordings
Paper LegsYoung Animal
Tent School / Heat Retention Records
Syd BarrettFeelThe Madcap Laughs and Barrett / Harvest
The Woolly BanditsOctopus
Say Hello To My Little Friend / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
PorestEye Of The Leopard (In English) W/ Aavikko
Tourrorists! / Abduction
the Moldy PeachesNyc's Like a Graveyard
Moldy Peaches, the / Rough Trade
NirvanaNegative CreepPissing In Action / none (boot)
ConfrontationNever (Blood Me)
Guaranteed Absolute Crapiness / Self Release
NirvanaSappy (1990 Studio Demo)
Sliver: The Best Of The Box / Dgc
Butthole SurfersThe Shah Sleeps
Boss Studios Demos 1982 / None
Kent StateRadio MoscowRodney on the Roq Vol. III / Posh Boy
Ill ReputeClean Cut American KidRodney on the Roq Vol. III / Posh Boy
Black FlagMy War (Radio Tokyo Session)
Demos 1982 And More / None
JFAPreppyRodney on the Roq Vol. III / Posh Boy
Dead KennedysMoral MajorityA Skateboard Party / none (boot)
Bill HicksYul Bryner
Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 Pittsburgh, Pa 6/20/91 / Rykodisc
Cactus1. Mix
Night Is Rising On The World / Resipiscent
Gun ClubGhost on the HighwayFire of Love / Slash
Mazzy StarGhost HighwayShe Hangs Brightly / Rough Trade
PcrvRuralality Part 2
Big Sky / C.I.P and Snse
Total ChaosS.O.S. America
Freedom Kills / Sos Records
BarbedWere Doing Well Now
Fire this Time, the / Hidden Art
Patton OswaltHippies222 / none
Guaranteed KatchLittle Bags Of Shit
Mac Is Safe / Reality Impaired
Pretty BoysSam Sa Sobom
Pretty Boys / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Cudnovati Dj ZdenaBed Rok
Umetnost Umetanja / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Beasts Of BourbonRide On
Low Life / Spooky Records Australia