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Sat Jun 03, 2006 9pm - midnight 
Mercyful FateThe OathDon't Break the Oath / Roadrunner Records
iron maidennumber of the beastthe number of the beast / Capitol Records
tony macalpineover sea evelutionevolution / shrapnel records
helloweenescalation 666the dark ride / nuclear blast
Total ChaosFinal Solution
Freedom Kills / Sos Records
MegadeathCountdown to ExtinctionCountdown to Extinction / Capitol Records (Jazz)
Metal Black / Castle Records
venomteachers petblack metal / combat
Bolt ThrowerAnti-Tank (Dead Armour)
Those Once Loyal / Metal Blade
Hotblack DesiatoWrath Of Shamash
Hotblack Desiato / Lummox Records
gammarayanywhere in the galaxypower plant / noise records
slayeranti christshow no mercy / metal blade
manowarguyana{cult of the damned}sign of the hammer / grand slam
DeathLack of ComprehensionHuman / Relativity (Metal)
ObituaryChopped in HaldCause of Death / (Unknown)
DemiricousHeathen Up (Out For Blood)
One (Hellbound) / Metal Blade
Desolation / Prank
Through The Eyes Of The DeadThe Black Death And Its Aftermath
Bloodlust / Prosthetic Records
blind gaurdiandemons and wizardstouched by the crimson king / spv music
blind guardianterror traintouched by the crimson king / spv music
eldritchbless me nownnieghbor hell / limb-music
manowarbridge of the deathhail to england / geffen records
atreyuportiat in blackunderworld evolution / victory records
iron maidentotal eclipsenumber of the beast / emi
warlordblack massbest of warlord / metal blade
Goblin CockHissy Intro
Bagged And Boarded / Absolutely Kosher Records
Anal KittiesX-Out Eyes
Twine / Anal
Instant Asshole7th Heaven
Straight Edge Failure / Trankcrimes
NecrophagistFoul Body Autopsy
Onset Of Putrefaction / Willowtip
Instant Asshole7th Heaven
Straight Edge Failure / Trankcrimes
judas priestfree wheel burningdefenders of the faith / Columbia
flotsam and jetsamshe took an axedooms day for the deceiver / metal blade
the darknesslove is only a feelinngpermission to land / atlantic
testamentapoclyptic citythe legacy / megaforce