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Tue Jun 13, 2006 9pm - midnight 
The Psychic ParamountNapoli / Perpignan Pt. Two
Live 2002 The Franco-Italian Tour / Public Guilt Records
This HeatHealth and EfficiencyHealth and Efficiency / This is
Psychic IllsJanuary Rain
Dins / The Social Registry
LiarsHold You, Drum
Drums Not Dead / Mute Records
This HeatThe Fall of SaigonThis Heat (blue and yellow / This is
Pink Mountain1000 Miles Of Sand
Pink Mountain / Frenetic Records
P.A.F.Almond Tree
Fingerprints Medecine / Self Release
The Dead ScienceThe Future, Forever (Until U Die)Frost Giant / Absolutely Kosher Records
The Dirty ProjectorsFucked For Life
New Attitude / Marriage Records
This HeatNivellesNivelles 3" cd / This is
Volcano the Beardid you ever feel like jesus?classic erasmus fusion / beta-lactam ring
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing VoiceHey Pig He Stole My SoundGipsy Freedom / 5RC
Karl BlauReason For The Season
Bread And Grease / Kelp! Monthly
Extra GoldenOk-Oyot System
Ok-Oyot System / Thrill Jockey Records
This HeatRip romp rampMade Available: John Peel Sessions / This is
Camberwell NowThe Ghost TradeAll's Well / Recrec Music
Visitors (France)VisitorsProg Is Not A Four Letter Word / Deley 68 Records
Kieran Hebden And Steve ReidSoul Oscillations
Exchange Sessions Vol.1, The / Domino
This HeatMakeshiftDeceit / Thi is
GlimrThe Hatter
Glamr / 10 Gev Records
Airport + Ants / D1st
loose furwreckroomborn again in the U.S.A. / drag city
This HeatHorizontail HoldThis Heat (blue and yellow / this is
Currituck Co.Don't the Road Look Rough &
Ghost Man on Second / Troubleman Unlimited