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Thu Jul 13, 2006 6am - 9am 
Kronos QuartetString Quartet Op. 3, Mvt. II (Alban Berg)At the Grave of Richard Wagner / Elektra Records (Local)
Glass, Phillip & Ginsberg, AlSong #7 From Howl Part 2Hydrogen Jukebox / Elektra Records (Local)
Cecil TaylorUnitOne Too Many Salty Swift and N / Hat Art Records
Ante NataTemporale
Ante Nata / Actuelle Cd
PussyfingerBlack Chorale
Chew And Swallow / Dielectric Records
ArsisTe Promise Of Never
A Diamond For Disease / Willowtip
Population Reductiontrack 20
At The Throats Of Man Forever / Tankcrimes
Napalm DeathFarce and FictionOrder of the Leech / Spitfire
S.O.B.Sick MotionDub Grind / Specialized Fact
HewhocorruptsLinguistic Violations (Step
Ten Steps to Success / 625 Thrashcore
MultiplexInside OutMultiplex / HG Fact
Loony Planet/Industreality / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Nasumclosing ininhale/exhale / relapse
324lowestlevelCustomized Circle / HG Fact
SayyadinaCivilized Control
Fear Gave Us Wings / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Funeral DinerLucky Strikethree sides dead / lilacsky
Burial YearA DiscarnatePestilence / A Discarnate
BotchFrequency Ass BanditWe Are the Romans / Hydra Head
Crom TechPrux-NorplexoxixCrom Tech / gravity
PorestMeat Supply
Tourrorists! / Abduction
Paul BowlesA Distant EpisodeBaptism of Solitude / Meta
Burroughs, Williamdr. benway is operating in an auditoriumthe best of william burroughs from giorno poetry systems / giorno poetry systems
Prepared Piano, The / Karaoke Kalk
Tan, Margaret LengPrimitiveSonic Encounters / Mode Records
Rob/Caine/Feldman SchwimmerThe Nightmare/The TowerTheremin Noir / November Music
Fe-MailThe Horizontal Density Of Humanity
Blixer Toad / Asphodel
Ed Chang & Han DegcKnallend
Nois Und Stringe / Quodlibet Recordings
Collectif InaudibleStrasina
Cardo / Emanem
Final:3 / Neurot Recordings
John ZornAzrielMalphas, Book Of Angels Volume 3 / Tzadik Records
Animal CollectiveGrass
Feels / Fat Cat Records
Man ManPush The Eagles Stomach
Six Demon Bag / Ace Fu Records
Blevin BlectumOsxmasTalon Slalom / Deluxe
Alarm Will SoundPrep Gwarlek 3bAcoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin / Cantaloupe Music
P. Miles BrysonShopping Inntre-Impossibleac
Megalomaniac Decorator's Quart / Illegal Art
Warhammer 48kGet Bodacious
Invaders / Kemado Records
KorpiklanniMidsummer Night
Tales Along This Road / Napalm Records America
WatchmakerTerapeutk Dirk Nap
Erased From The Memory Of Man / Willowtip
OkapiWhere's the Beef?
Where's the Beef? / Inflatabl Labl
The Fucking OceanInvisible Line
Fucking Ocean Ep, The / Self Release
Rose, Jon & Weston, VeryanIn Search of the Pythagoran
Temperament / Emanem