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Wed Aug 09, 2006 9am - noon 
lukáš lichýúterý theme / a better banker
Bill LaswellNothingCity of Light / Sub Rosa Us
Steve RoachGroundswellArtifacts / Celestial Harmonies
Larry KucharzNucturen 1992 No 06
Ambient Green Washes / International Audiochrome
Steve RoachYour Own EyesArtifacts / Celestial Harmonies
Larry Kucharz1995 No 12
Ambient Green Washes / International Audiochrome
Steve RoachThe Origin of ArtifactsArtifacts / Celestial Harmonies
NankoAvalancheNanko / Laterax Records
HydatidFalse Vacuum
Studies In Particle Motion / Half/Theory
Steve RoachAncestral HorizonArtifacts / Celestial Harmonies
Nova LuxIi
Mustard Gas And Roses / Neurot Recordings
Steve RoachBegin Where I EndArtifacts / Celestial Harmonies
Marconi UnionSleepless
Distance / All Saints Records
Molvaer, Nils PetterKakonita
An American Compliation / Thirsty Ear Communication
Molvaer, Nils PetterKakonita (Deathprod Mix)
An American Compliation / Thirsty Ear Communication
UrbsThe Chauffeur
Toujours Le Même Film... / G-Stone Recordings
Marc AntoineCantar Al AmorModern Times / Rendezvous Entertainment
DhiraSonrie Smile
Dhira / Universal Music Latino
Soma SonicEverything
Simplicity / Subsonic
New BalanceSecret PortraitsPoints in Time 002 / Good Looking Records
Kj SawkaAncient Wedding
Synchronized Decompression / Wax Orchard
Synaptic FlowFaxRadical Turf Presents First Disguised As Last / Radical Turf
WispUxe-BuEyelicker Sublight Compliation / Sublight Records
Soma SonicOxygen
Simplicity / Subsonic
Malena PerezTomorrow
Stars / Cubanita Groove Records
Jordan FieldsGet Busy On The 12084 / Nice+Smooth
Omar SosaIyawo'n'bass (The Love3zero Mix)Mulatos Remix / Ta Records (Melodia)